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  1. 5 quality players and a decent manager would see us challenging for the league next year imo.


    We've definitely closed the gap on them ........ hopefully we can turn them over in the semi....I think we are good enough to do so if we have our strongest 11 available.


    I think the big difference between us and celtc is they have better options on their bench.... we need more quality on our bench to give us more options if a game isn't going our way.






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  2. On 22/03/2018 at 13:15, Siwel said:

    Marco Silva




    Frank De Boer

    In that order, probably not realistic at all but it’s the level we should be looking at imo.

    5 decent shouts in there mate........ I've really no idea who I would prefer out of that lot tbh.Probably Gio.

  3. On 20/03/2018 at 16:18, Inigo said:

    It would result in a worse, less unique one. Which is why it's probably now gonna happen.

    As I say whenever this comes round, nobody will mess with the biggest TV revenue generator (the OF game). Becomes less of a unique spectacle with fewer away fans IMO. Becomes less enjoyable as a fan at the game as well. Still remember the time there was none of them, and it was shit.

    I don't like the cunts, but having them there so you can experience the pain of seeing them celebrate and the glory of them sitting there glum faced surrounded by us celebrating is one of those things that makes you feel alive. 

    It's a great fixture, and I tend to agree that there wouldn't be the same swell for it if we were winning more often. 

    Good post, agree 100% with everything you say here.:tu:

  4. My all time favourite Rangers player. Broke my heart when I heard the dreadful news that he had collapsed and died taking a coaching session with some youngsters.


    One of Scotlands greatest ever players too.


    Remember his contribution in the Wales game that took us to the world cup in 86'.Magnificent show of courage to step up and put away the penalty that took us to the finals.

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