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  1. 43 minutes ago, Clarkyyy said:

    Said it last week on the threads about this  .. you say you need to play well to keep your place .. u bench a guy who scored a hattrick last game for a guy whos missed a few sitters .. one on one the guys clueless .. everyone told me morelos game is much better than cummings .. today he offered nothing except 2 chances that im confident cummings would have scored ..  fucking torture 

    I said exactly the same thing on here mate but most were in favour of Morelos starting ahead of JC.


    As far as I'm concerned you go with the form player and JC scored a cracking hat trick last week whilst  AM missed a few sitters.

    If I was JC I would be disappointed to be out of today's starting 11 after my performance last week.



  2. Cummings is full of confidence and I believe he would score against them if he started.


    Morelos misses too many clear cut chances to be risked in this particular game imo, unless we play with them both up front.



    We might only get one decent shot at goal - and if this was the case I would rather it fell to JC than AM.


    Morelos will start though ,so I hope he proves me wrong and bangs in a hat trick.:UK:

  3. 1 minute ago, markem said:

    It’s there to be won if we want it. European teams show them no respect and make very light work of them. If however we give the likes of Brown the freedom of the park we give them the game. 

    Time to step up Rangers.  

    This all day long.:tu:



    We can do this Rangers! Get right intae them!

  4. Wish the guy all the best but would rather he was moved on asap............. but who's gonna sign an injury prone player like him?

    Think he might need to hang up his boots tbh.


  5. 17 hours ago, Vision said:

    Greg Docherty has revealed to The Scottish Herald on Wednesday that he does not believe the injury sustained by Rangers team-mate Jamie Murphy is a serious one.

    That's brilliant news! :tu:


    Key player for us and we really need him for the OF game.

  6. 5 hours ago, Sportingintegritymyarse said:

    Thought we were good, not Great, and as good as their keeper was some of our misses are criminal and will cost us.

    End of the day though 3 points were all that mattered and we got them. Hopefully tomorrow makes it an even better weekend.

    Really? :huh:


    I thought we were outstanding.

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