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  1. On 26/01/2018 at 15:13, hammer93 said:

    Let him get on to continue playing in his rich vein of form, we can monitor the situation again in the summer!!

    If tav himself states he won't sign a new deal it's up to the club to assess the value he brings to the team or whether we are better of selling, imho if we are getting close to the tims I would rather keep him for that season in the hope he plays an integral part in us being able to win the league next season......for me that will outweigh the likely 2-3million we would most probably receive for his signature.

    Excellent news.

  2. 5 hours ago, Buggleskelly said:

    Improving all the time & an important player for us already after half a dozen games or so.

    Keep it up Jamie ....

    This. I'm impressed with his over all play........ the final ball will come as his fitness improves.


    Possibly the most skilful player at the club atm.


    I actually think he will become a big fans favourite given time.

  3. 2 hours ago, Reformation Bear said:


    That attempted assault by the Fraserburgh player about 2 mins 20 is a really disgraceful thing for the Fraserburgh player to be doing.    To my interpretation he has zero attempt to get the ball and his eyes are only fixed on trying to kick Windass.     That, to my mind, was a straight red card event.   Even now the football authorities should be looking at that footage and determining if any post-match action should be taken against the player.   It was, imo, an out and out attempt at assault and if that had happened on the streets instead of on a football pitch you'd have to wonder if the Police would bring assault charges.    It's a good job Windass was too quick for him. 

    Quite agree mate. :tu:

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