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  1. Fuck them, it’s all they have left. Riding on our coattails since fuck knows when. Ignore the irrelevant, revel in the glory x
  2. RTV deliberately buffering every 20 seconds to stop me drinking and reset the stream. Bastards, but love them, some of the scenes with the boys are great 😍
  3. You said it slightly more succinctly than me. enjoy mate x
  4. Think I’m just going to be made up for the Captain, he’s been in it for the long haul and he deserves everything coming his way. Journey feels complete and I’m looking forward to next season already, but for now I think I’ll drink it all in and enjoy the summer knowing we’re back where we belong. Enjoy it Bears, wherever you celebrate it today 🇬🇧
  5. 2-0, Goldson and Wright on the scoresheet, no injuries and I’ll take a few smoke bombs chucked over the gate on 55 mins for good measure. Harburn GC Loyal
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