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  1. I used to own a music shop and he came in one day and bought stuff .. seen him feeling his way along Duke Street Blind Mikey, not Dave King.
  2. Nice easy ride for the boardroom scum then mate
  3. Have fun mate can't see them getting a tough qna here's hoping tho
  4. NARSA are "pleased to confirm" Robertson and King will be in attendance have fun lads ... I'd be cancelling
  5. From memory it was only a tenner you got but it's a good idea as it wouldn't be about the money for me - would be happy for the club to make something and get the seat filled. Win-win. The season ticket is paid for anyway regardless. Appreciate supporters clubs selling season tickets for games outside as they are club tickets that need paid for from club funds rather than a personal one.
  6. Seems this "tarrier/troll " wasn't too far off
  7. K.A.I


    I don't mind as much if it's products that the club wouldn't touch anyway (like the Gazza top mentioned) I've seen people have a go at match-day vendors to justify LionBrand and red/black shite but they provide a different service. The day the club produces Ulster scarfs, UVF scarfs, King Billy scarfs then I'd happily line the retail departments pockets instead (fan group "boycott" or not)
  8. Easy ... Prso Arteta Boumsong Novo Andrews
  9. The Bridgeton orange lodge will be Tullis Street - it might help you when asking about. I'm not familiar with the name but will ask some older ones when I see them next.
  10. Haha forgot about wee hot wheels
  11. Great goalie If the rapists can get ten million for monkey boy Forster we can get the same
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