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  1. I used to own a music shop and he came in one day and bought stuff .. seen him feeling his way along Duke Street Blind Mikey, not Dave King.
  2. Nice easy ride for the boardroom scum then mate
  3. Have fun mate can't see them getting a tough qna here's hoping tho
  4. NARSA are "pleased to confirm" Robertson and King will be in attendance have fun lads ... I'd be cancelling
  5. From memory it was only a tenner you got but it's a good idea as it wouldn't be about the money for me - would be happy for the club to make something and get the seat filled. Win-win. The season ticket is paid for anyway regardless. Appreciate supporters clubs selling season tickets for games outside as they are club tickets that need paid for from club funds rather than a personal one.
  6. Seems this "tarrier/troll " wasn't too far off
  7. K.A.I


    I don't mind as much if it's products that the club wouldn't touch anyway (like the Gazza top mentioned) I've seen people have a go at match-day vendors to justify LionBrand and red/black shite but they provide a different service. The day the club produces Ulster scarfs, UVF scarfs, King Billy scarfs then I'd happily line the retail departments pockets instead (fan group "boycott" or not)
  8. Easy ... Prso Arteta Boumsong Novo Andrews
  9. The Bridgeton orange lodge will be Tullis Street - it might help you when asking about. I'm not familiar with the name but will ask some older ones when I see them next.
  10. Haha forgot about wee hot wheels
  11. Great goalie If the rapists can get ten million for monkey boy Forster we can get the same
  12. I can appreciate the gist of that - as I said to psb I'll start paying more attention to that side of him and I might change my mind a bit I do agree he offers us a physical presence upfront which you do need in Scotland especially against Celtic ... even Sebo was pish but Smith's first old firm game back at Parkhead he dropped Boyd and played Sebo upfront and it worked I'm just saying I don't think he's a good footballer - his ball work and link up play is rotten IMO
  13. It's a good job im not after internet credit from people with usernames I don't even recognise heaven forbid you think the new fans favourite is pish I'll say something it was only two weeks ago the whole forum was saying he was a waste of money he's not played any different these last two weeks the difference is we've won these couple games and that clouds the fans judgement If you read a few posts back I started by saying I don't get the hype then was told no he's good - just let it be - I think he's pish so what? I'm not a forum icon who's opinion counts for more
  14. I'll look out for that mate next time if I spot that I'll change my opinion on him a bit
  15. He is a god awful footballer - some Rangers fans live in dream land these days
  16. Hurlock and Brown have/had footballing ability tho. The way people are going it's like he's Dado Prso mk2 cos he gets into cunts hes a god awful footballer even if he is a different option for us up front
  17. Still can't get my head around this new found cult hero status - it's seriously baffling me
  18. I'm sure Ronaldo still showed more for United than Garner has for us. I hate that attitude too that because someone did two years (if that's what happened, I can't mind) then every single player we sign that's shite can come good too. Some people are just shite/not a fit/bad buys .. we can't keep playing players for 2 years hoping they might come good. I do agree some fans (including myself) can be too quick to judge but it's still ridiculous to just assume/hope all shite players will come good and all criticisms are unjust.
  19. Ever considered joining a supporters bus or something ?
  20. Do you think your budget last season to get out of the second tier of Scottish football was peanuts? I'm not diss'ing the job he done last season. I enjoyed the football and enjoyed going to games again (for about 75% of the season anyway) but to say it was peanuts is mental. Certainly not enough to win the top flight, but about 20 times the budget of anyone else in that league with the exception of maybe Hibs.
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