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  1. Agree with all that - but we made amends but it could still be costly due to away goal - will find out
  2. Exactly mate but the guys at home sat on their fannies watching streams can tell you it’s not like it was Cos you’ve the audacity to make a thread saying it - it’s baffling - it’s follow follow type stuff
  3. If it’s ok with GSA is that compare it to the last time we played Maribor 7 years ago under McCoist I remember it being one of the most powderpuff performances ever with players who I rated like Whittaker, Davis, Naismith, Jelavic etc anyone with a connection to Maribor who was around for both must think it’s night and day and this mob of ours has a lot more character just an observation I thought deserved a mention don’t shout at me please
  4. I’m sorry it reads like it’s critical it’s not it’s positive but other things laid out - called constructive why kid on it’s all amazing when it isn’t but why be all negative when there’s positives? Can’t win for having an honest opinion
  5. Backs to the wall might suit us over there ... good defence and wee counter attack
  6. Agree half time = raging full time = pleased is it enough next week? = unsure which isn’t good
  7. Disappointed in SkyLine and Jamie liking that comment but hey ho guess you can’t have an opinion or make spontaneous threads on here anymore
  8. That’s fine - I expect you’ll be making the same comment in all the aftermath threads? Of course you won’t because you’ll be too busy following Jordan Rossiter into 24h gyms around the west end ya pervert
  9. Yours is the only notification I’ve came in here to read since making my last comment but I stand by every single word - everyone in the stadium around me or I spoke to at half time agreed with me but in the magical world of RM I’m out of order
  10. Before I start let’s see if the dick touchers in my other thread have as much of a problem with this thread being made out with the official match thread but I suspect they won’t bevause it’s a positive one anyway, thought second half it was a team of men out there - very proud of that performance in all honesty time will tell if the damage is done with that away goal thanks to being idiots upfront (which I stand by every word) but we done everything that could be asked of us to rectify it I must be honest I’m still unsure of Kent and Ajaria although Coubally is growing on me
  11. Gsa your steroid abuse makes you the most bipolar cunt on here
  12. Good push on this and let this decision making improve
  13. Thought wrong prick this shit about decision making needs highlighted
  14. Must admit mate Tav gets slagged rotten for the same shit Flanagan’s been caught out with - and rightly so but Tav has screwed the nut tonight and others are all over the place
  15. Seriously, even if we win this game 3-1 our decision making in the final third is fucking woeful and will cost us ... Candaies can shoot into a massive gap and Morelos can’t even stay in line for him at a slugs pace with no cunt near him fucking ridiculous
  16. We don’t/can’t capitalise on poor defences, though so it will be the usual slog against pish teams unless we get a decent goalscorer in
  17. It’s defo a priority mate - we may be short in other areas but for defence it would be cover - we need a starter in central midfield to unlock a defence as that’s a depressing midfield quota for me
  18. He might be tbh and letting Windass go too won’t help the issue irrespective of your thoughts on him
  19. Our midfield options are appalling as it stands and will cost us (with lack of a goalscorer too) defence lookikg great and if you don’t lose goals you don’t lose games but if you don’t create and score goals you don’t win games either
  20. Anyone getting this bus, had a wee nosey on Google Street View and that’s a big Spar round the corner from hotel for all your bevvy
  21. Aye I was reading earlier that the Barisic fee was only something like 1.3 million quid nowhere near the figure quoted and Katic, I've seen anything from 1.2 million to 2-million quoted
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