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  1. He’s growing on me mate - good battler - someone creative next to him and we laughing
  2. We have had a couple of very, very average Rangers teams go over to Panathiniakos in recent years and score who were in better shape at the time than AEK Athens are IMO so the tie isn't over yet. Great result though and would have bitten your hand off for it before kick-off but there's still a lot that can happen as they've plenty players that can score - Griffiths, McGregor and them 2 French cunts upfront if they're fit? I think it's obvious that the fenians business model is based around Champions League qualification and selling players for big money. If neither happens then it's not
  3. Tav doesn't need to start. He's pish. Murphy isn't always great but it's from a creativity point of view as we don't have a lot of creative players. Jack isn't a messiah. He's had two good games, a really good game yesterday but our chances of progression won't hinge on him.
  4. We've really got to win 2-0 or more to be confident of progressing IMO. I'd change the shape of the team a bit in an effort to inject some creativity. I know this won't be his team as Tav is his captain, but what I'd like to see would be ... McGregor Katic Goldson Flanagan Candaies Jack Coubally Arfield Kent Murphy Morelos I'm not big on some of them in all honesty, but I'm just looking at what we've got.
  5. I still don't know if I fully buy into a conspiracy against Rangers when it comes to ref's but I'm finding it harder and harder to make a case against it. As someone else said, anyone doing their jobs so badly in any other industry wouldn't last but these guys end up getting the big games time and time again and do us little favours. Gerrards comments were interesting and whilst I'm not sure if I fully agree with him, it's good he's on the ball already with these ref's and their rotten performances when it comes to our games. I thought the sending off was soft/harsh but to the l
  6. SFA are scummy cunts but they don’t dictate police policy if anything the police dictate shit ... likewise the paranoid crackpots that blame Lawwell for Scottish refs
  7. 30-40 game people in the right environment can seem like hundreds
  8. Their group came round guys in my group at the square asked if we wanted to fight, said yes but they went away and then came back with an ambush with swords and sticks and it kicked off ... one of my pals stuck a bottle over one of them and got arrested but took to Osijek court next day and seen the game, another in cuffs but let go when it died down ... cops told Rangers fans go to your hotel bars or go to jail you decide
  9. Police Scotland showing themselves up to be the amateurs that they are once again ... a hand picked SNP run Police Force that’s nowhere near fit for purpose they quite happily, retrospectively arrest Bears after the event to hide their failings during the event because it’s the easy thing to do I’ve found a lot of the actual normL officers that work for the force decent guys but their commanders in charge and policy makers are absolute vermin
  10. Tbh I don’t think the press have been too bad - they’ve been factual enough as far as I can see - which maybe speaks volumes in itself to the Croatian’s conduct to begin with
  11. Was a bottle ya wee pape
  12. Just heard Osijek are bringing a mob upto Maribor for us in a couple of weeks - this could be tasty ?
  13. Breaking the codex and commanding guyz to the hospital it’s wot we do easy ok
  14. Never realised quite how good looking I am
  15. I’m actually glad they got stabbed and it’s been reported on Sky Sports News and BBC national levels as it will make any mobs think twice about coming to Ibrox to take the piss - don’t really care if that sounds bad it’s about time we were respected and feared again
  16. Think you should apologise
  17. Throwing flares at children and parents walking to the game for a start
  18. It’s nothing to do with our police finding Croatian casuals over there it’s not their job it’s about any fall out back home afterwards
  19. I got a few calls last night as it was happening they started it on Paisley Road taking liberties and by time they got to Ed Drive they got put in their place so the self loathing bitch probably only seen that part
  20. To be honest I like that line about police trying to establish who started the violence as it indicates if it was them then perhaps they will take that into account when knocking on doors ... the Police are also taking into account that the violence in Osijek in the first leg was them that started it and will be making those observations known to Rangers and authorities back here with their reports
  21. If his future posts are of the same standard as his previous 2 then the forum will benefit - rather have him talking complete sense than you with your handwringing shite
  22. Freya looks like the type of self-harming wee dragon that dyes her hair blue and goes to pride marches and picnics consisting of farmfoods crisps and their own brand tea cakes at Kelvingrove band stand the fat munter
  23. See any wee wanks that wants to say trouble from our fans Is the last thing we need do us all a favour and watch the YouTube videos and let it sink in the damage they could have done until the ICF gathered at Ed Drive and chased them down it and stopped them from getting to the stadium - these guys aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but if your someone going about your business and going to the match you could have been hurt tonight some of these guys might even do a stretch down the line due to the Police being nowhere to be seen against rampaging fans - ring any bells?
  24. Our midfields terrible to be honest I don’t want to be too hard on them because the effort is there and they are battling hard but Coubally, Jack and even Ejaria (despite the odd good touch) are never what we need in a million years .. Candaies hard worker too but little end product on him I’m looking more at Gerrard than the players here tbh
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