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  1. 1 minute ago, Laudrup1690 said:

    @K.A.I got to pull you you we had a friendly debate about coulibaly and you were saying we should be looking at better than someone who can’t get a game for angers and I said we just need to trust Allen/Gerrard to find gems etc 

    well I know it’s only few games in but I’m sure we can both agree he’s been really good and exactly what we have missing?

    He’s growing on me mate - good battler - someone creative next to him and we laughing 

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  2. We have had a couple of very, very average Rangers teams go over to Panathiniakos in recent years and score who were in better shape at the time than AEK Athens are IMO so the tie isn't over yet. Great result though and would have bitten your hand off for it before kick-off but there's still a lot that can happen as they've plenty players that can score - Griffiths, McGregor and them 2 French cunts upfront if they're fit? 

    I think it's obvious that the fenians business model is based around Champions League qualification and selling players for big money. If neither happens then it's not good for them but they need a couple of years of this on the spin to start to worry.

    I think the rumour about them not being very cash rich is true.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Siwel said:

    Wouldn’t have Murphy near the team after yesterday tbh, Tav needs to start too.

    if jack isn’t fit then we’re fucked

    Tav doesn't need to start. He's pish.

    Murphy isn't always great but it's from a creativity point of view as we don't have a lot of creative players.

    Jack isn't a messiah. He's had two good games, a really good game yesterday but our chances of progression won't hinge on him.

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  4. We've really got to win 2-0 or more to be confident of progressing IMO.

    I'd change the shape of the team a bit in an effort to inject some creativity.

    I know this won't be his team as Tav is his captain, but what I'd like to see would be ...


    Katic Goldson Flanagan

    Candaies Jack Coubally Arfield Kent



    I'm not big on some of them in all honesty, but I'm just looking at what we've got.


  5. I still don't know if I fully buy into a conspiracy against Rangers when it comes to ref's but I'm finding it harder and harder to make a case against it.

    As someone else said, anyone doing their jobs so badly in any other industry wouldn't last but these guys end up getting the big games time and time again and do us little favours.

    Gerrards comments were interesting and whilst I'm not sure if I fully agree with him, it's good he's on the ball already with these ref's and their rotten performances when it comes to our games.

    I thought the sending off was soft/harsh but to the letter of the law I can see why someone jumped up bastard would send Morelos off however what then got me was how McKenna wasn't sent off for his violent barges into Morelos first that caused the reaction and then whoever gave away the penalty (might have been McKenna too) wasn't shown a straight red for the offence. 

    I've not got much issue with Morelos being sent off if that's the way a ref wants to play it by the book but to not then give out equal treatment to Aberdeen is unforgivable.

  6. 1 hour ago, Inigo said:

    What happened exactly in the first leg? What's the story re swords and shit?

    Their group came round guys in my group at the square asked if we wanted to fight, said yes but they went away and then came back with an ambush with swords and sticks and it kicked off ... one of my pals stuck a bottle over one of them and got arrested but took to Osijek court next day and seen the game, another in cuffs but let go when it died down ... cops told Rangers fans go to your hotel bars or go to jail you decide 

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  7. 1 minute ago, gogzy said:



    No idea how reliable he is.  Would be interested to read the report.

    Tbh I don’t think the press have been too bad - they’ve been factual enough as far as I can see - which maybe speaks volumes in itself to the Croatian’s conduct to begin with 

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  8. 16 minutes ago, Dickie said:

    Police couldn’t find that car that crashed off the motorway so I don’t hold out much hope of them finding hooligans in Croatia 

    It’s nothing to do with our police finding Croatian casuals over there it’s not their job it’s about any fall out back home afterwards 

  9. 22 minutes ago, FSM said:

    Woman in front of me last night said that Rangers fans had started it. She might be completely wrong, but I'm not sure she had an axe to grind against Rangers fans.

    I got a few calls last night as it was happening they started it on Paisley Road taking liberties and by time they got to Ed Drive they got put in their place so the self loathing bitch probably only seen that part 

  10. 7 minutes ago, Bears r us said:

    I have just found a few quotes from the polis about last night which I will copy below.

    I am sure some of the guys who were at the game last week posted that the police over there told some fans to either stay in their hotels or they would end up in prison the night before the game. This cop that I have just referred to is saying they had no intelligence about possible trouble but their fans are all over youtube boasting about their 'work' at opposition grounds:

    From BBC Scotland website.

    Two Croatian football fans were stabbed during violence before Rangers played Osijek in Glasgow.

    Up to 60 people were involved in the trouble in Govan, near Ibrox Stadium, before the Europa League game.

    The male victims, aged 24 and 40, were taken to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. The 24-year-old has been released while the other awaits tests.

    Officers were called to Edmiston Drive, at its junction with Paisley Road West, just after 19:00 on Thursday.

    Both men were stabbed across from the Ibroxholm Oval tower block but detectives have yet to establish if one or more suspects were responsible.

    Police are also still trying to determine which group started the violence.

    Flares were let off during the clashes and eyewitnesses said bottles and rocks were also launched.

    One video posted online shows a man being kicked and punched by two men as he lay on the ground.

    Officers are trawling private and public space CCTV in a bid to map the movements of the suspects, many of whom wore dark hooded tops to conceal their identities.

    The force appealed for witnesses or anyone with mobile phone or dash cam footage of the clashes to contact them.

    'Reckless behaviour'

    Ch Insp Alan Bowater said: "Supporters of both sides should be able to attend a football match without getting caught up in violence and disorder. Also, innocent members of the public should not have to be faced with the threat of encountering it.

    "The individuals involved must be tracked down and held to account and Police Scotland will use every resource at its disposal to put a stop to this reckless behaviour.

    "I would like to reassure members of the public that we take their safety extremely seriously and sufficient resources will be deployed at future games to tackle anti-social behaviour and violence."

    Ch Insp Bowater, the area commander, defended the policing operation and said the match was not graded as a high category and there was no intelligence to suggest there would be any trouble.

    He added: "What you will see from that footage last night was that police officers were very quickly on the scene and dealt with the matter."

    Det Chief Inp Craig Willison said between 40 and 60 people were involved in the violence, which he described as "unprecedented".

    He also said there was nothing to suggest the clash was pre-arranged.

    Det Chief Inp Willison added: "The people who were involved in this disturbance last night should be aware that we will identify you and we will be coming to chap your door."

    Police said they were not aware of any trouble during last week's first leg match in Croatia.

    The force also confirmed it is reviewing other "minor incidents" connected to Thursday's match.

    Rangers progressed to the next round after the match ended 1-1 to give Steven Gerrard's side a 2-1 win on aggregate.

    Last weekend a mass brawl broke out near Glasgow Central Station after a pre-season friendly between Rangers and Wigan.


    To be honest I like that line about police trying to establish who started the violence as it indicates if it was them then perhaps they will take that into account when knocking on doors ... the Police are also taking into account that the violence in Osijek in the first leg was them that started it and will be making those observations known to Rangers and authorities back here with their reports 

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  11. Our midfields terrible to be honest 

    I don’t want to be too hard on them because the effort is there and they are battling hard but Coubally, Jack and even Ejaria (despite the odd good touch) are never what we need in a million years .. Candaies hard worker too but little end product on him 

    I’m looking more at Gerrard than the players here tbh 

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