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  1. It's what has to be mate even if you want to pay £400+ and fly from Glasgow or Edinburgh, you've still got to change a couple of times .. just the nature of it. Unless you want to go Thomas Cock or Flight Options but can see that being about £650 tbh
  2. The draw was made at 11am its almost 6pm after being told by UEFA on the draw changes wont take long to be announced
  3. It's a fucking joke .. plans all totally on hold, can't go out, go to supermarket anything like that until it's announced ... reluctant to even go to the toilet because it will be confirmed and don't want to miss a jump ... I've got 12-people to book for too so can't make any mistakes.
  4. Can't stand this waiting, beyond a piss-take.
  5. 5pm according to slo we should know date
  6. Heard the delays are due to a potential terrorist attack ... hope everyone's safe
  7. I suppose I could buy a round at those prices and not pretend to take a phonecall outside
  8. When they were doing the draw earlier the wee cunt doing it said something about any changes must be communicated in writing to/by/from the teams asap or something to that effect.
  9. No. The first leg could be reversed and we could be away on the 12th.
  10. Aye I heard that but still waiting to see which one is us either swapped or moved day
  11. Nothing booked yet, still working out the combinations - would help if we had a date.
  12. How did the draw go in regards the other Macedonian clubs and possible change of date? Are the other 2 playing away on the 12th too?
  13. Nah I heard today they've organised a couple of closed door games at the Spanish complex for pre-season so doubtful we'll get in but still holding out some hope. the prices are already quite high regardless who we are playing due to it being peak season across Europe for holidays or the remote nature of the places these wee teams play in. Will have something booked by tomorrow night, we've a few ideas up our sleeves.
  14. The flights out to Bratislava from Edinburgh were at about £160 today ... that used to be a cheapie, regular flights for £40-£50.
  15. An Ulster or Welsh club would still have gave me a wee dezzie until the realisation kicked in that I started my travel club again from scratch on zero points and no chance of a Rangers end ticket ?
  16. I think it's great tbh - the thought of going to Bosnia or Macedonia to watch Rangers gives me a des oconnor
  17. I'm having a wee look there (and a think) and anyone wanting to book the minute the draws made, if we draw Progres then you also need to then look at the Racing FC & Fola Esch draws and ensure they weren't drawn to play at home on the same date we're playing the away leg and likewise if we draw Shkupi check the Vardar and Rabotnicki draws and if any of them are playing at home when we're playing the away leg realise there's a chance our game will be moved like Progres was last season because they can't have all the fixtures in the one small town (same stadium in Luxembourg team's case)
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