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  1. I haven't posted on this forum in a long time but I heard off another member about Manticores passing and had to jump on and pay my respects. Like a lot of you I knew him best for our vigorous debates on the forum. He could always come up with humorous and thought provoking topics and arguments. He never attacked people personally and always let the strength of his points do the work for him. Through our conversations he demonstrated his knowledge and passion for a number of topics but his favourite as shown by his long history on this site was Rangers. Like all of us his support for the club
  2. Regardless of why the thread was started I think Catalonia should be allowed independence if they want it. They were forced into Spain against their will and have always been uncomfortable with it, though not nearly as much as the Basque country is.If Yugoslavia is allowed to break off into smalled and smaller pieces then I can't see any reason why Spain could not split into different states if they so choosed. A Catalan national team would still be a force to be reckoned with. I would assume Barcelona and Espanyol would still want to remain part of the Spanish setup though.
  3. If the work permit is granted he should only miss a couple of games. As BrizOz said he will be playing in the qualifier against Thailand at Suncorp on the 2nd of September. After that though he should fly right out. The next qualifier isn't until the 9th of October and I can't imagine he'll stay in Australia that long when he could be getting valuable game time. He would be a great addition to the squad. I like the look of Ortiz but he's clearly a right sided player only and he's not going to pose much of a threat on the left. Additionally when Davis or Naismith play on the right they always d
  4. this. The best individual performance I have ever seen. Tore the Brazilian superstar team apart. He is certainly the best player of the modern era. People might say Messi because of the skill but Zidane was the complete package. All the skills but then strong on the ball, in the air, pin point passing, and just an uncanny ability to read the field of play. Not to mention that he was a superstar for both club and country where others, including Messi, have failed to achieve the same level with both.
  5. Simply sensational! Bergkamp is the reason I'm an Arsenal supporter and one of the reasons I've always loved the Dutch side.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbwGc3Qhytk Saw this video from the Womens World Cup. Lucky thing Australia still won, stupid fucking ref.
  7. The fact they played it at ANZ Stadium is a joke. Shows how arrogant they are. When Rangers came down and played against Sydney, AEK and Blackburn they held all the matches in Sydney Football Stadium which is about 44k capacity. Would have done fine for this game but noooooo tgfitw would have overflowed that I remember the last time they were here they played against Brisbane Roar and the Brisbane RSC did a card display on Story Birdge saying "52 and counting" as they came into the city
  8. A-League can be shit sometimes but the Roar were very entertaining to watch last season and I'm not just saying that because I'm a Roar supporter. I honestly think they'd hold their own against half of the SPL. Remember football isn't all that big here and the A-League is only 6 years old. Be good if one of the teams (cough Roar) can nab Kewell.
  9. Was still a struggle because the translator didn't seem to work for the vast majority of the page but it worked well enough for me to order the kit. At least I hope I ordered the right thing and to the right address Cheers mate
  10. Subside sports looks the most likely. They don't have it yet but they've got the boys one so hopefully they'll get it soon. Thanks mate
  11. The new Dortmund kit was released last week but because I don't know a lick of German I'm finding it quite difficult to use their store to purchase one. Does anybody know any English websites that would have the new kit in stock yet? I've tried uksoccershop and kitbag and neither have them.
  12. They are a direct rival because the play in the same division. They may not necessarily be challenging for the title and obviously it's not like the rivalry between us and Celtic but they rate Goodwillie and don't want him coming back and punishing them with us next season. That's why they want the extra compensation from us, because of the damage he could do them in the future playing for us, no such danger from a club outside the SPL so the valuation for them is lower. This happens a lot.
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