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  1. Arfield off for sakala wright off for hagi need something different!!!
  2. Literally first foul of the game and ref books morelos fucking cunt of a ref
  3. Said that to my dad yesterday, you can take any game in isolation and make it seem amazing or shite. case n point, we pumped accies 8-0 at home then drew 1-1 at their stadium later on in the season. players can have good games and bad games, that at the weekend was obviously a good one for them and its all praises, flowers n shit. What about when its a bad game? When their new striker doesnt get a shot on target or misses a clear chance? footballs fickle
  4. Hahaha get it up them 😂 charlie "this ties dead" mulgrew
  5. Anyone think they look unfit as fuck?
  6. Daft question, is Kamara, Roofe and Morelos available for next week?
  7. Fuck all consistency, gives cheap free kicks and ignores actual challenges didnt book the 2 shirt pulls on kent booked itten then didnt book the malmo player for similar daft question, VAR in this?
  8. Kent you shouldve just put the laces through it!! outstanding from the captain there too!
  9. Was absolutely stunned when one of them went down with cramp in the 70th minute
  10. Ange doing a real out of job so far 👏👏
  11. No wanting to show my Match Threads up? What a gentlemen of a admin 👏
  12. Wonder if you got a neutral, showed them their game last night and asked them "which won just got promoted" what they'd say 😅
  13. His literal first involvement went like this, gets the ball depossesed in a second His 2nd involvement? Got the ball depossesed in a second truely a talent 👏
  14. The AP on the taigs managers trackie stands for Australian Pedro
  15. Big Ange said he was gonna make celtic a pleasure to watch he aint wrong 😂
  16. Oh holy fuck 😂😂😂
  17. Andy Halliday and the Ground Name A better couple
  18. Andy walker gonna give magnificent Ralston a magnificent BJ at full time
  19. Based on what ive seen so far, the 29th is going to be an absolute doing for them
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