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  1. That's why I said "doing their utmost" You might care and simply can't make it in which case that's obviously fine..... Hope that clears that up for you.
  2. At last somebody is treating this ridiculous situation seriously enough to do something about it. Anybody who gives a fk about Rangers should be doing their utmost to support this move in person.
  3. If we won the title this season it matters not two fks what the squad looks like next season though does it? It would be mission accomplished ahead of schedule So where's the problem that troubles you so much?.... Aye thought so.
  4. There is no doubt he got the starting selection all wrong but once again this team showed a real weakness in mentality last night. We were on top ffs, winning the battles, forcing the play despite the selection and still we capitulated after that big lump of wood's fk up. From what I seen Gerrard looked as though he had them really fired up for that last night. From the off we looked the same menacing side that flattened the taigs and then boom, one stupid mistake and it all goes tits up. We went back to looking nervous in possession and indecisive with the ball. So what is it that keep
  5. Crucially important our management has already identified this. There's already been numerous examples this season when a finisher would have made the difference between one point and three. The most prized commodity in the game but if we want this title then we surely must find ourselves a goalscorer in this window.
  6. Had a great game yesterday and should be proud of himself. Has to be said though, only when he learns how to take better care of the ball will Ross make that position his own.
  7. There's clearly a mentality issue. You don't avoid defeat to Villareal over 180 minutes of football then lose to fkn Aberdeen unless there is. .
  8. Fucking outstanding again he really is approaching Goram levels for me now. Keep your best for the taigs Greegs and your legacy is secured!
  9. Can't believe this guy's return is even being discussed as a positive. Including his move to us the man has had chance after chance. The only way this loser can atone for his failings is to agree to terminating the lucrative contract that brought him here.
  10. None of the players we have take enough care with the final ball. That or they simply don't have the ability to direct it where its going to hurt the opposition. Getting behind a defence , beating a man, getting to the byline, the outcome is invariably the same. Crosses are continually wasted and most of the time fail to reach a blue Jersey. I don't like to single him out but Candeias is case in point. The work he gets through is unreal but the final product for a winger falls way short most of the time. I don't know how you sort this on a training field tbh but that's where the bul
  11. More amo for the morally challenged Fuck them.
  12. I know they have their critics on here but I take great satisfaction from the last sentence of that statement.
  13. Like a few on here I've been a bit confused with the haste in which Worrall has displaced Katic at the heart of our defence. Competition for starting places is something the Manger has spoken about since day one so maybe the idea behind this decision has a more far reaching impact than it appears. At the end of the day I suppose all that really matters is that Rangers benift from the managers decisions and we should be grateful for that. What makes this a bit more confusing though is that on the face of it Katic has quite literally not put a foot wrong defensively since he arrived. Nothi
  14. Despite the upgrades in defence if Wes was between the sticks today its debatable we would have taken all three points. He is that important to us.
  15. If that were true then based on what you read on here surely you would be able to comprehend what a total cock you are, do every one a favour and fk off.
  16. Surely you can learn to express yourself in a manner people can understand then you illiterate prick. Pretty clear to everyone on here what type of school you went to.
  17. Surely you of all people aren't suggesting there is any kind of derogatory bias against our club?
  18. Absolutely. Rangers are all that matters. Hopefully the competition drives them onto another level.
  19. Yep have to agree the boy had a great game tonight although I must say I feel it for big Katic. As long as we get the results that's all that matters but I'd love to know Gerrards thinking splitting an already established partnership.
  20. The idea of these thinly disguised bigoted bastards repeatedly sitting in judgment of the Rangers support boils my fkn blood. They are beyond contempt and I look forward to the day when their identity is outed. Maybe then we can apply the same scrutiny to their backgrounds and see how they like it when the shoe is on the other foot.
  21. They are no different to most other spl outfits bud. They have been infiltrated by those cunts over the years and the whole club now has the distinct stench of fenian. A sign of the times I'm afraid.
  22. Best 11 players you can put on that park in league games every single time. I Couldn't give two fucks about Europe or the domestic cups. I want us focusing on that league title 100% because if we do I firmly believe we have a chance. Its got fuck all to do with the taigs being there for the taking because I will concede they are still better than us at this moment. If we are close though come the end of the season then anything is possible and that's why we can ill afford to be chucking away points to livingston and Co. Leave the tinkering to cup competition if you must Stevie but know t
  23. On a day like this the last thing I want to do is bash the captain but Tavs defending still has a lot of room for improvement. No question. The headed chance missed at the end in Spain by Baka was case in point. Had that gone in all eyes would have been on Tav again. I wish to fuck he was as solid at the back as he is going forward but then again if he was it's highly doubtful he'd be with us.
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