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  1. Hi my Mrs is doing a survey on disabled access at ibrox could anybody take 20 seconds to fill it in. Cheers https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LZ7GL5J
  2. I’ve not really thought about the Porto game am more interested in hearts first. We take 6 points in league then i will be more than happy. Looking ahead December is tough away game wise so we need to keep the run going rotation with squad should keep us fresh for next few weeks n months. My goal would be us still top going into winter break
  3. There’s also people at every taig away game every sheep or hibs and hearts who are not on a bus yet are at all they games.
  4. I’ve taken myself off CCCS this year because this. It’s same people at every away game and yet others struggle to get 2 all season. To many backhanders and it’s clear to see
  5. Stays few doors from me known him long time he’s a great bear his whole family are good bears. Hoping he’s found safe and well
  6. Next payment is not till end June mate am sure.
  7. Few people who cancelled can’t get there ST released back to Rangers absolute shambles
  8. Think few people doing the same mate.
  9. Not even lived at that old address for 4 years so absolutely shocked they sent a letter there. When my partner called and says she had done the credit for me and put all her details in they said they did not have her details. Absolute farce
  10. Got a letter from them sent to my old address ( my mate lives in it now ) says was unsuccessful even tho i applied for the credit in my partners now and bank details. Called them and asked why they had my old address and says it was Rangers. Called Rangers and the blame game started they are unhelpful and rude and have no clue what’s going on. Just went over to ibrox and done the 4 month and TO says they have had nothing but calls and complaints already!
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