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  1. Arsenal where fucking rotten and had enough clean chances to win 5 ffs.
  2. I never watch the prem now, has Arsenal dropped half their team ? lol
  3. Hope so I’d love Arsenal to take about 6 off them their fans are scumbags. Put them back in their box. the European campaign this year remembered for racism only. Horrible club horrible fans
  4. obvious choice of change, Davis off with that yellow card hanging over him.
  5. thats horrendous, the club backed the racist player and the fans are fucking vile. UEFA should dump them out of the comp. teach these cunts a lesson.
  6. fuck me, i would love us to be playing them next week.
  7. whatsapp msg im sure it will be translated but lol emoji under monkey
  8. time to throw them out, give Arsenal the bye and disqualify there winnings and donate it to fight against racism
  9. disgusting, kick them out.
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