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  1. Rather he played to be honest ,he's well past it.Even they're fans have seen through him.
  2. Another reason celtic should have played their games in hand in stead of a jolly.
  3. Griffith's will have put on a stone in the last Fortnight.
  4. Lennon trending no2 UK Twitter .
  5. Barasic is taking some punishment lately ,targeted every game ,fair play to him for sticking to his task.
  6. This all day long .we need directness through the middle .
  7. Agree we need to be more direct .shoot on sight centrally.
  8. Aribo and Hagi want to much dribbling time ,would prefer us to be more direct
  9. Don't think so ,new manager ,they're playing alright ,it's us that need to adapt.
  10. Suspending the league would hinder our match fitness for Europa League,I thought the ruling bodies wanted the kudos of progression/coefficients.
  11. At least we learned our lesson ,place is cursed.🤣🤣
  12. Would null and void not cause issues re European competitions which if I recall the authorities are at great pains to avoid.?
  13. Important save today at the quick free kick , I say important in the context of the result ,the save was awesome.
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