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  1. Way beyond that , after that pish today ,Grrrr.
  2. Boiled my piss to be honest,whole thing was awful.
  3. Read an article by a female scotsman journalist in the small hours,really badly written but very distasteful ,it's open season on us now.
  4. All very well saying Howe versus Gerrard, it's about the whole managerial team and wider backroom staff gelling,takes a while to set up , we seem pretty settled in that department 😃,hope Kennedy and Strachan are retained by them though.
  5. Paddy Power advert for Cheltenham with Peter Crouch ,this pops up.
  6. Rather he played to be honest ,he's well past it.Even they're fans have seen through him.
  7. Another reason celtic should have played their games in hand in stead of a jolly.
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