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  1. See if it was just a yard in their half it wouldn’t have been quite as magical 😂
  2. We are a European style team. This season we look absolutely brilliant on the ball and a level above any Rangers team I've seen in recent years. Wee bits of hesitancy around the box sometimes ( and I do think we need to now ship Buffalo- he's chucked it imho) but over all we are winning silverware this year
  3. Souness is a great pundit for RTV!. Passion is still there!
  4. gman

    The Keeper

    Very efficient - great to have competition in the No.1 spot. Looks comfortable on the ball - commands the box, Scottish record set for clean sheets at the start of the league season.
  5. I think the boy looks a great prospect. Hopefully frustration doesn't set in like it done with McCrorie and his head is not turned elsewhere or punted out on loan.
  6. Great thread. No footage but Ted McMinn's goal from a corner at Boghead stands out!
  7. Thought he done well - stuck to the facts and pointed out that others are saying things attributed to Rangers
  8. Papac - Blair Drummond Safari Park Gascoigne in Texas Homecare (long time ago) trying to buy a skateboard!
  9. First defeat in Europe at home in 18 matches ?
  10. Nah he’s brilliant, untouchable according to some ...He’s a major part of the problem with his wee hissy pissy fits. Miles off it - doesn’t even attempt some saves now- not good enough for us.
  11. A lot of the goals we concede he doesn’t even go for - a younger, hungrier keeper would at least be throwing themselves at them. The odd great game but the cracks have been showing for a while.
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