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  1. saw Ted McMin score a goal direct from a corner at Boghead against Dumbarton.
  2. The ‘Entitlement’ is back on! I’m sure there will be a glimmer of hope tomorrow...
  3. Ross is a bitter, bitter loser. Perfect for them.I’ll start it ‘Ross for the dross’
  4. Need to look to the back end of the season - he’s at risk of getting injured again tonight
  5. Second time tonight I’ve said it GET JACK OFF before more damage is done to that boy.
  6. I’d take Jack off - only to protect him from that pitch after coming back from injury
  7. don't understand this 'he bailed the club out when when we needed him' - he was unemployed... I'm sure it wasn't a hardship to get a gig with a handsome salary with the team you support
  8. Did you see his wee disdain when the music started blurting out before the match? - subtle but yet very obvious 😂
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