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  1. On the left is an exciting up and coming manager who brings an exciting brand of attacking football and displays the utmost class, sophistication and professionalism in all that he does. On the right is a pish-stained tramp that rakes the bins.
  2. Looking forward to seeing Waghorn at full steam on the 21st. Really stood out against St.Mirren in my eyes. Real burst of energy that the squad has been missing since we skelped the mhanky mob. Hopefully he gives us a similar goal to his one in December when he sent Fyvie to the Copland shop for rolls
  3. Would hope it doesn't come to that but good logic none-the-less. Would love a good away day like that
  4. Think this is somebody McParland's been keeping an eye on?
  5. Hmm. Not sure whether or not to believe this, if that is the case I doubt Warburton would sign a loose cannon
  6. Quick google search mate, that's sadly all it returned just want clarification on whether this is legit or some wee fanny actin the goat and spreadin rumours
  7. Nothing confirmed as no official word from the club yet but social media and Feyenoord fan sites indicate we've signed the 17 year old centre forward Not much info on him other than he's played for Feyenoord under 18's and has recently been let go from his contract (again nothing official on this) Also says he's comfortable playing on the right wing. Anybody able to clarify this?
  8. fair enough at least we know the lad's got a sense of humour. We'll see what unfolds come January
  9. Doubt the fat controller would let that happen. Or if he did it'd be for a ludricous sum well over his value.
  10. Agree with this entirely. Warburton/McParland's knowledge and contacts in the english market have been very beneficial to us so far and with any luck will continue to bring us good fortune. Not sure about this 'Turkish Messi' Character though. Was only last month we had the 'Israeli Messi' on trial. It's a shame young players get burdened with such pressure IMO
  11. Suprised Mohsni hasn't been shortlisted for the Ballon D'or
  12. Watched the game yesterday, whilst I admit the overall performance was below par, there seems to be a lot of panicking and fans having an attitude that gives an eerie feeling of de ja vu of last season. Whilst I do feel the standard of play has slipped over the last few weeks I also feel this isn't just a drop in player performances but also partly because Warburton has brought the fear factor back to Ibrox and it's no longer seen as an easy three points. Teams now play 10 men behind the ball and wait to catch us on the break. This is something the team will need to adapt to and fast. Having said that I do agree with the overwhelming majority that an out and out striker needs to be bought in January. Whilst I am not questioning Waghorn's end product or his workrate I just feel he is more suited to be played out wide ( Preferrably on the right ) with McKay on the left and a clinical finisher in the centre of the final third.
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