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  1. 2 2 against Marseilles, best team I have ever seen us play and they totally pumped us for 80 mins and still managed a draw against them, atmos was incredible
  2. Got it working,god knows how, I deleted simtech and readded and seems to be working fine now. What a carry on
  3. Yip exact same one, but no sign of FF
  4. Did you use a build or just the standard, FM Sports Devil then simtech net add on?????
  5. I've read some "horror" storys about them totally messing up peoples media players, Probably a lot of BS but with this going on my new android TV I dont want to take any chances, paranoid.com
  6. I dont know why, but I think they keep moving the add on
  7. I just dont trust using any builds, prefer just the standard kodi with add ons
  8. Jesus what a carry on this is to get this up and running, ill try that, thanks RJ, fingers crossed
  9. Guys, did anybody manage to get this sorted, same again, got sports devil and FM4 added and the simtech repo but still no sign of FF
  10. Nope still no joy, tried the new link but in that I don't even the Liverpool add on inside slims repository
  11. Thought that was the issue, not installing sd and FM but installed them and still only showing Liverpool add on
  12. Guys is this still up and running, i tried to install it last night and could only see a Liverpool add on
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