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  1. It's the same shite we're watching last season, hope it improves if he changes something like formation and personal, but what are docherty and mccrorie thinking when there watching this guff
  2. Mate they where playing the fuckin reserves in the first half, all I'm saying there football at times was quite good.
  3. All I was saying mate was they where playing better football than as as well as fielding 4 teenager's in there starting 11
  4. Do you think that's an acceptable performance by Rangers in the 1st half
  5. Just ban them from ibrox. Simples 👍🇬🇧
  6. Naw. But he can sing 😂
  7. Is the vpn safe mate, I know of them but don't know enough about them
  8. Why do you need a vpn to watch rtv
  9. I know what you mean mate but it's not going to happen although I would welcome it
  10. The only fuckin way we're going to beat them is on the fuckin pitch and get it right up them, when we are partying in there midden 👍🇬🇧
  11. 1. The Billy boys 2.no surrender 3.wolverhampton town
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