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  1. Gerrard got it wrong today simple as ,against a mediocre team I may add he changed tactics and the personnel,the last time we beat they cunts we where all over them today however fuckin nowt,for us if we have any ambitions of wining the league we have to do better than ojo,aribo
  2. Stop singing naughty songs then ffs. These cunts are out to get us in a big way We as a support have to wisen up and stop handicapping our club. The board have to investigate fare and see if we are being targeted more than other clubs in other countries
  3. £21 bangers right out of the bank account yesterday
  4. how about a curry shop or an offies
  5. I know a boy fae Edinburgh, he's a hearts supporter and his Mrs goes about with the thumbs Mrs and he was saying that he was that skint he was having to tap his burd for £50 for a taxi and shit. He wouldn't elaborate any more than that, but if it was just plain old depression he would have told me, which makes me think it is as you say drugs and bookmakers,
  6. Spot on mate. To think we have witnessed that fuck pig mediocre cunt lording it over us is fuckin embarrassing as fuck.
  7. Surely tae fuck the only cunts that can report it is the cunts your playing ffs
  8. Brilliant story from David Edgar, said it won’t be on the podcast as Stewart Robertson told him it’s not to go out. But basically when shagger was up in front of the compliance officer for the kick out at Ferguson at Pittodrie. It was shagger who asked the compliance office who had reported the incident and she wouldn’t tell him. He then asked her who was allowed to complain and that’s when it came out that anyone could complain. So Shagger asked her for her e-mail address. Then the next live celtic game on telly, shagger sat watching it and e-mailing her every two mins about every incide
  9. How many bad decisions do you think there was in these games. I mean like sending offs . Penalty decisions offsides
  10. That midfield was fuckin gash today we've got to play jack, airfield, and camara. Was impressed with camara today. If you look at the team and start from the back the two centre half's before coming to Rangers how many games did they play for their teams. Ryan Kent a work in progress barasic not what I thought he would be to hesitant at times. Davis, defoe, up to now they have been pish. The haven't been involved with their clubs either. As for fredo our only goal threat and he's sitting in the stand half the time, to many players of form, too many games f
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