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  1. Youve got low standards if you think he is playing well 🤣🤣
  2. Last years team...last years attitude...decent opposition getting in our faces and pressing and we wilt
  3. Only 3 defeats at home in their last 18 competitive games, tough place to go Will take a drab performance and a 1-0 all day
  4. Tav and Barasic pushing further up Goldson and Helander to cover The filth moved to the 3 5 2 in January and hit 34 goals in just 10 league games. Just an idea to utalise our most attacking players
  5. Football Manager time.... McGregor Goldson Balogun Helander Tav Barasic Hagi Aribo Kent Roofe Itten
  6. A win is a win but fail to see any change from last season, if you arnt improving you're falling behind.
  7. He wouldnt get away with half of it if we signed him
  8. New season...and on first evidence the only change is the strip Play 1 way, cant break teams down...they will press us hard for the last 15 and we will struggle
  9. Dont think we are even getting that £13 million on todays performance 🙈
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