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  1. Been a member of the forum just over 4 years now. Don’t post much but regularly come on to keep up to date with goings on and other bears opinions. What a feeling this is! Cannot wait until we see The team lift that trophy!
  2. I am liking the fact we now have players and options that allow us to adapt formation and style of play! A different type of striker, like the boys we are linked with (not Lafferty) and that again will allow us to do this even further. We also look a lot bigger and more aggressive. Solid foundations in terms of the back five now in place and hopefully we start to focus on the attacking options we have! I’m excited!
  3. First half they kept running the same lines and didn’t look like they were talking to each other. Started to grow in the second half and you can see from Morelos second, Cummings took the Ayr defender to the front post allowing Morelos in behind for an easy goal
  4. Unlucky not to get another hat trick today, his run into the box when he rattled the bar was brilliant, not a single Ayr player picked him up or seen him coming!
  5. I’m sure the boy went from Hamilton to Aberdeen for just £80 000
  6. Boy that was chucked out was most definitely a Dunfermline fan and was trying to climb down the seats trying to get away until two older Dunfermline fans dragged him out towards the police then his pals started having a go at them and seen a few of their fans leave after the second goal!
  7. watching yesterday's game it was brilliant seeing every man fighting and even when Holt came on he looked determined to make an impact, even Wilson (although didn't need to defend) was so vocal and looking to get stuck in. It's exactly what Pedro is looking for so players are responding well and fighting for their position as well as the team
  8. Should not be going into half time drawing! Windass unlucky not to have scored a couple! Herrera needs to come off, he has been anonymous, get Morelos on and see what he can do!
  9. Bates ? Niko looked good, as did Jack and Cardoso! When Niko (even though he was done) went off there seemed to be no1 in midfield. goal a side didn't see Miller do anything apart from sit on top of our midfield. Dalcio looked good in first half then nothing in the 2nd. Wallace was quite and Tav kept trying I guess. Rossiter was keen as when when he came on. Look forward to seeing the other two that came on getting more game time. waghorn ?
  10. Could see how much this hurt Miller as he was walking off the pitch, knows he should have finished that 2nd chance. Two many basic mistakes and lack of focus in dangerous areas from the same players costing us again. Frustrating as you can see some of the other players seeing the mistake but too far away or doing their job to do anything about it.
  11. Where's my coat....... I'm kind of in agreement with @RFCRobertsonas yes it's not ok to be that far behind but there are other factors to take into consideration. Then again some of our draws against some extremely poor teams have been unbelievably frustrating and left us in this position. Think Im convincing myself that I clicked the wrong option. Not much of a poster either, I use the forum mainly to see what's happening during games as I am often working. seriously though, anyone seen my coat!
  12. I totally agree but stranger things have happened! Would love for him to be here well past his 3 year contract!!
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