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  1. Aye, My bad, Getting too carried away here 😂
  2. Just realised I fucked it, If Clyde turn up the night they’ll be 24hrs too early, Need to calm myself down I’m getting far too excited at their pain 😂
  3. Clyde SSB should do a live broadcast tonight from The Paedo Dome at 6pm, Would be some laugh imo 😂
  4. Good point, Never thought of that 👍
  5. I just want our players to wipe the floor with them regardless how far in front we may be and walk off the pitch with the class befitting of a Rangers player without doing any of that shite whilst our opponents lay behind like the broken men they will be.
  6. Think you might be talking about Mikey Johnston mate, I’m sure you’re right about TLB throwing him under the bus, Pretty sure he’s still there though, Out injured iirc.
  7. I agree, No way they’re getting a draw against Sparta Prague.
  8. Just politely gave a like, Fucking howling at that for som reason 😂
  9. Yep and they left the door open after saturdays result and not only did we go through it, We kicked the fucking thing down, A big change in our mentality imo.
  10. I’m pretty sure TLB said The Greek Tragedy had a slight back injury when he first left him out the team even though he was on the subs bench and has been ever since, Obviously Bain doing such a sterling job for them in goal is keeping him out 😂
  11. Is there a Clyde SSB tonight or do we have to wait until tomorrow for the inevitable meltdowns 😂
  12. Is The Special One who is currently sitting top of The EPL with Spurs back on the radar 😂
  13. Don’t know if it’s down to the single malt I was drinking last night but I’m sitting here nearly greeting with the joy our team are giving me right now, Pride bursting right out me.
  14. You called it bud, Ref gave us the penalty he owed us 😂👍
  15. Thank fuck, Thought it was just me but didn’t like to say 😂
  16. Brains a bit fuzzy atm as I’m currently on the single malts but think it was Paul Merson who said on Sky’s Soccer Saturday that he didn’t think it was a sending off 😂
  17. I agree with Tam Crossan whoever the fuck he is, Give Lenny a chance 😂
  18. Didn’t think they’d win, Didn’t think they’d lose either, Didn’t think they’d draw and it happened, WTF 😂😂
  19. Are they No All Lenny anymore then I take it 😂
  20. Don’t mean to be pedantic mate but the gap hasn’t widened yet, Rangers need to take care of business tomorrow first, One game at a time and all that, At least for me anyhow.
  21. Don’t know mate, Maybe he fucked it, I never seen stone wall penalty that was denied, Just took his word for it 😂
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