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  1. Thing is the thick fucking mutants that phone in about our wayward players being involved tonight probably don’t realise that it is Rangers efforts in Europe that may well secure an automatic CL spot next season which let’s face it will be between Us and them though Hopefully us obviously 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  2. Soon as a saw Nathan come on and score I thought straight away Tim’s are gonna be raging and then Bongani comes on anaw just to rub a bit more salt into the wound ffs 😂
  3. I would actually like to see Ronny the Roar up against Stevie G 😂
  4. Aye, As don logan says I doubt if celtic were about to come calling anyway, Probably just making sure though by getting in first and ruling himself out 😂
  5. You’re probably right mate as I don’t think his stock is that high, Even some of the Ipswich fans want him to gtf apparently 😂
  6. Just seen on SSN that Paul Lambert has ruled himself out, Doesn’t want to tarnish his legacy as a player 😂 Says whoever takes over will have to win the league next season as they won’t be given any grace, Cunts no wrong and knows the sharks will be out in force, No wonder he doesn’t want it 😂
  7. That’s Thierry Henry left Montreal as Head Coach, Probably be the new favourite to take over at The Stad de Gadd in a few hours time.
  8. Missus seen me on Amazon and asked if I was ordering a new Hoover, Fuck the hoover, It’s a surprise but it’s definitely not a Hoover 😂
  9. Think they might only have 14 left now, Just been online and ordered one for 55 Celebrations, Got him a wee Union Jack bowler hat and pair of sunglasses anaw, No expense spared on our Stevie 😂👍
  10. Not as serious as COVID-19 mate, We’re all just living in a Parallel Universe to those mad bastards that’s all 😂
  11. Missed xavi tbf, Too busy picking myself up off the floor mate 😂
  12. Obviously, But also got to be good at Keeping Secrets
  13. First time I’ve seen it mate and I’m never off here ffs 😂 Loved it though 👍
  14. Never seen that before, Fucking Quality, Happy Birthday Gaffer
  15. Heard him on the football show this morning and thought sky would probably edit the Irish Catholic thing out but nope they’ve stuck with it as it’s just been re-run again in a highlighted version, Fuck could you imagine The Timplosion if Kris Boyd for example described Sir Walter as a true Rangers man being a Scottish Protestant Ffs, We’d never hear the end of it.
  16. He did mate, Along with a lot of other shite and sly wee digs, Said something along the lines of how Rangers had capitalised on how poor celtic had been and how they had won something like 21 trophies to our 1 which was the petrofac cup, Bitter Bastard he is.
  17. Steve McLaren on sky sports football show there and saying all the right things that would ingratiate him to the rabid hordes, Not sure if that was him possibly throwing his hat into the ring but just laughed without giving an answer when Hartson asked him what he was up to these days.
  18. Aye, Just seen that mate, Talking about TLB loving the club with him being an Irish Catholic ffs 😂
  19. Forgot about Big Boyd for a minute there, Wonder if Sky will ask him for his take on today’s events 😂
  20. Rumour has it he allegedly made a disparaging comment on her sexuality in his usual inimitable style during a heated exchange whilst at Hibs.
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