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  1. Don’t mean to be picky mate, But that’s 3 reasons 😂
  2. Ffs, Can imagine next time he comes to Glasgow he’ll be wearing a half and half scarf.
  3. Naw, But tbf Aberdeen played Motherwell today so that ruled them out and their other game in hand was St Mirren who play Livi tomorrow in league cup semi so technically we’re partially to blame for no pumping St Mirren in the first place.
  4. About Fucking Time 👍🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  5. Ah, But is he going to fund new players out of his own pocket like our Stevie does 😂
  6. Lenny’s got our support Frank if it’s any consolation 😂
  7. Gonna be One Hell Of A Party, You’re no wrong Brother 😂👍
  8. SSN just showing the league table there and Jeff Stelling says, Rangers extend their lead at the top to 23pts, celtic though have 3 games in hand which frankly is quite Irrelevant 😂
  9. Naw, real boydie9 has confirmed I was right, Good enough for me 😂
  10. John for me, Pulled it out the fire in Tim Time 😂
  11. Ffs, I know how good Stevie G and Rangers are, I want to hear how Shite celtic are.
  12. It was a shite analogy tbf, All this nonsense about if we had been in The English Prem when what he should have said was “ If our rivals had been kicked out the league for the alleged cover up of CSA would anyone have gave a fuck if Rangers had went on to do 20IAR against the remaining dross in the league “
  13. Hugh Keevins is more balanced than Gordon Dalziel Ffs
  14. That’s what we want to hear James, Fucking Delicious 😂
  15. Aye, Ritchie the Rangers fan, Get well soon bud.
  16. Ffs, celtic in meltdown and Ritchie the Rangers fan does his best to deflect attention away from them by wondering if Stevie G will stay or no, Couldn’t make this shite up, Get Ritchie to fuck.
  17. First caller said it should have been a red tbf
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