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  1. Good to see Sporting Integrity being maintained though with Brechin City chairman Ken Ferguson stepping down from The SPFL Board so as to avoid a conflict of interests 😂
  2. Watched SSN this morning and they actually reported that celtic had declined to comment on the disruption to the minutes silence, Was actually surprised they showed the incident never mind ask Scum fc for comment and that’s what got me thinking Just Maybe the tides turning as to the media’s love in with the unwashed.
  3. Be some laugh if the actions of some wee adolescent fannies irked the wrong people so much that MSM actually started reporting with vigour The Real Atrocities attributed to that Rancid Club.
  4. Actually wouldn’t mind doing that mate but have you ever seen me post a picture let alone a video on here, Said it on many occasions I’m a complete technophobe and you are currently looking at my IT skills 😂 Still trying to figure out where my avatar came from ffs 😂
  5. Canny mind who it was but somebody from on here recommended the company I bought them from and said they normally throw in a few freebies as well but no even checked, Just got 3 big fuck off boxes just waiting to be opened on Trophy Day 😂
  6. I got a bit carried away mate and ordered £400 worth for our title celebrations and was going to let them off as soon as title was confirmed but unfortunately for me I never received them in time for The Manky Mob dropping points to Dundee Utd which for me rubber stamped our title win so decided to keep them for Trophy Day instead, I know fuck all about fireworks tbh and just bought what looked good on the wee promo video, Is 19 Cakes/Barrages any good 😂
  7. Fuck them, Classless cunts and if they think that’s fireworks then wait until Trophy Day, Cunts will be hiding under their pish stained beds when The Real Firework Displays take place all over West of Scotland and no doubt further afield.
  8. Bet 365 giving exisisting customers half their stake money back on Grand National each way bets up to £125 so stuck a fiver each way on these 4 and it's only cost me 20 quid Acapella Bourgeois Mister malarkey potters corner Farclas
  9. Think you’ve just answered my question you clairvoyant you 😂
  10. Obviously they’ve spoken to Howe but has anyone else of any note thrown their hat in the ring by saying they’d be interested or is every cunt giving it a wide berth.
  11. Thought I’d give this a wee bump, No listened to it for weeks but given what The Gaffer said earlier I think I’ll tune in tonight, Hopefully greeting faced tarriers all the way 😂
  12. Not so easy for the Daily Record or any other Scottish media for that matter to dismiss Stevie G’s statement as nothing more than Sour Grapes now that Rangers are Champions Elect is it, Rangers now speaking from a Position of Strength and hopefully ready to Lawyer up and take the cunts at the sfa on should they need to.
  13. No idea what wages Barkas is on but no way are they recouping the 5m they paid for him and if he’s on a decent wage they’ll probably have to pay him off to shift him ffs 😂
  14. We beat The Scum - Doubt it Scum somehow beat us - Stands a chance
  15. Probably the only way they get any sleep mate, Using a wee comfort blanket like that 😂
  16. I’m sure they’ll just dust down The Greatest Banners In The World if that’s the case mate 😂
  17. Be some laugh if Howe does get his own way and Rangers still fucking Ragdoll them 😂
  18. I think the Kudela ban can be extended as he is also facing disciplinary action but aye you’re right it is a joke that Glen Kamara is also charged when he is so clearly the victim of racial abuse.
  19. Sky just confirming disciplinary proceedings opened against Glen Kamara and Kudela with Kudela also being provisionally suspended for one match.
  20. Get on ok with my missus brother in law tbf and have no reason to disbelieve him mate, He just told me one of his mates had sent him a text and he sounded pretty gutted when he told me, Suppose we’ll know one way or another soon enough, Definitely be funny if true though, Here’s hoping 😂
  21. Don’t know how credible this is but my missus brother in law who is a celtic supporter has just told me Howe has knocked them back as transfer budget is not big enough and is going to Crystal Palace instead.
  22. I had a bottle of 55 whisky arrive today Scotty, Keeping it for Trophy day May 15th, Let me know what you think of it if you’re opening yours before then, Might try and buy another one if they’re still available and any good.
  23. Think if Eddie Howe does turn them down then they’ll probably be that fucking desperate they’ll end up having to go all in to get Roy Keane 😂
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