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  1. 1 hour ago, Reformation Bear said:

    Hullo 55 Title Winning Bears!

    What a team & squad.  What a manager and coaching staff.  They have won title 55 in some style.  With the best manager and coaching staff in British football.   Well done the Board too.  Especially Dave King for bringing Steven Gerrard to Rangers.

    Well done to the loyal Bears.  The best in the world.   You deserve the biggest and best party ever.   Get a huge farmers field booked and organise the biggest ever Covid-safe outdoor party when the rules permit.   We all want to see more of SG and his Klinsmann and more of the players partying.  

    It’s a long time since I’ve posted.  For health reasons I’ve not been able to and could only follow games & BD with help.  But today I was able to sign in and see the videos from yesterday.

    Bears.   Get in contact with Board members and get them to nominate SG for an upgrade on his MBE.   A Knighthood or at the very least a CBE.   No other person in football in modern times has achieved what he has achieved as a player and now as the manager of one of the biggest and best – and most successful - football club in Europe.  He has brought hope and now boundless joy to millions throughout the country, Europe and the World by leading us to 55 titles.   And in a pandemic his leadership and team has been a real bright light in the face of so much sadness.  Get him Knighted.

    All the best Bears.  Stay safe.  Stay strong.  Stay Champions.  WATP.

    Hope you’re feeling better mate and Rangers securing 55 is just the tonic you need, All the best to you bud 👍

  2. 1 hour ago, BlueHatBlueDay said:

    Aye, terrified they miss out on the party now. Fuck them.

    My thoughts exactly mate, Imagine every man and their dug in the media world wanting an interview with The Gaffer and His Players when We Officially become Champions after The Long Road Back to where We Belong and The BBC to be found No Fucking Where and all because of Wee Speccy Ffs 😂

  3. 36 minutes ago, scottyscott1963 said:

    Legia Warsaw beat the mutants 4-1 in Warsaw,then pumped them 0-2 at Murrayfield.
    They stuck a reserve on with minutes to go with the score 6-1 on aggregate,and he just happened to be ineligible.
    Within minutes sleekit pete had eufa on the phone 'informing' on Warsaw,and the away leg was awarded to the shameless bastards 3-0 which put them through on away goals. 
    Had to put that in incase people had forgot.  

    All about Sporting Integrity mate 😂

  4. 2 minutes ago, mitre_mouldmaster said:

    The comeback that he inspired in Istanbul will forever be remembered by the Liverpool fans.

    What he has achieved here will be forever remembered by us.

    I think the sheer length of time he was with them, and the fact he was a boyhood fan tips it in the favour of Liverpool to be honest.

    I would say that he is up there with the other managers who have made massive contributions to Rangers, like Walter Smith, Graeme Souness, Bill Struth, Jock Wallace and Neil Lennon.

    Tragedy imo, Lenny no here for 55 after all his endeavours 😂

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