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  1. Just thinking about it there, If scum v sheep game is postponed then they have massively shot themselves in the foot as a full strength sheep team are bad enough against them but with the sheep having been due to be without 8 first teamers I would have expected the scum to have racked up a cricket score against them.
  2. Looks like he just ate John Hartson
  3. Hollicom people must never sleep trying to put out all these fires ffs
  4. East End of Glasgows Plastecine brigade gonna love him Ffs.
  5. Remember at the start of all this TLB actually used Liverpool in his argument about why no one would deny The Scum their tainted title, Ffs Liverpool conducted themselves with Class and Dignity throughout whilst The Scum were just like The Rabid Dugs that they are.
  6. Just a thought but if The Scum are indeed found guilty of Child Abuse in a Court of Law then surely The Good People of Glasgow will be allowed a peaceful protest against the perpetrators and enablers and surely there would be no real complaints if 1 or 2 statues got pulled down in the process perhaps starting with The Large Man who apparently Knew.
  7. No doubt if they have a phone in first Timmy caller will be a spluttering mess of bile and hatred but but but Rangers
  8. I’m fucked if I would settle out of court for acts of Paedophilia committed by someone else or a separate organisation.
  9. I would hazard a guess The late Tommy Burns would disagree if he were alive, Pretty sure he is quoted as saying that Goram broke their Hearts time after time or words to that effect.
  10. Just reminded me, Was out and about yesterday at work and a car went past and part of the registration just happened to catch my eye as it was BJK, Not sure if it was a standard or private plate but good to know nonetheless that The Fat Japs tentacles haven't reached The DVLA yet.
  11. Sad thing is The Scum fans will think that is classy Ffs.
  12. Used to be a bit of a fan of his music though I have gone off him last few years, Have seen him a few times in concert and believe it or not he always comes across very respectful towards The Armed Forces and normally dedicates a song called Rhythm of my Heart to them at his concerts, He has a mansion somewhere in Essex I believe which has a full size football pitch in his back garden, Think he also has a place in Los Angeles also.
  13. How the fuck do so many clubs keep putting up with this fucking Reptile, Hardly fucking Messi or Ronaldo is he Ffs.
  14. Rangers could go without winning another trophy in my lifetime and I still would be grateful everyday that I wasn’t born one of them let alone wishing for our beloved Rangers to be more like them, Mad deluded tramps.
  15. Still wouldn't be surprised if we were all to wake up tomorrow to find this story to be an Aprils fool jape by the scums compliant media towards us, Hope to fuck it's not though.
  16. Quite selective when it comes to remembering their history mate, They can all remember the year they won the big cup but have no recollection of the boys club which was formed only a year earlier being inextricably linked to the big club.
  17. Patron saint of Paratroopers amongst others, Oh the irony 😂
  18. I would mate but I would rather leave The Obsessing to The Slavering Hordes, Decided just to savour the result with a nice glass of Glenmorangie and a bottle of beer in The good company of my own kind in here 😂😂
  19. Was just thinking what a good atmosphere it would be in work tomorrow, Then I realised it's my fucking day off 😂😂
  20. Canny mind the guys name but the guy who has supposedly got a follow up documentary on the Scotlands Shame, Imagine if Sky decided to give him a platform to air it 😂😂
  21. Hollicom might be able to control the narrative with the shitty wee Scottish media with the possible help from the shitty wee coffee shop in holyrood, Not so sure that will be the case with Sky should they decide to pick a fight with them, Mon Team Sky, Fucking Intae Them.
  22. Hope to fuck Sky go after them big time and finally let the genie out the bottle so to speak.
  23. Memorial service at George Square apparently.
  24. Andy's right about one thing, We do live in age of No Accountability or Responsibility, Espescially where Paedophillia is concerned, Bet Andy is glad about that, Fucking Roaster.
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