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  1. Aye, Just seen that mate, Talking about TLB loving the club with him being an Irish Catholic ffs 😂
  2. Forgot about Big Boyd for a minute there, Wonder if Sky will ask him for his take on today’s events 😂
  3. Rumour has it he allegedly made a disparaging comment on her sexuality in his usual inimitable style during a heated exchange whilst at Hibs.
  4. As much as I would have liked him to be here for 55 to witness his pain I also hope he never gets another gig up here, Hopefully the other clubs have woken up to this poisonous little cunt, Between what he allegedly called Leanne Dempster at Hibs and throwing his own players under the bus publicly at scum fc no one should be touching this coward with the proverbial barge pole.
  5. Wasn’t going to bother with Clyde SSB tonight but I’ve changed my mind, Between Rangers fans phoning in to say he’s a coward and Scum fans phoning in saying they want Benitez it should indeed be Comedy Gold.
  6. I hear you mate and after all the provocation we’ve had to endure since 2012 I fully understand it, My head says No and to show some class befitting of being a representative of Rangers, My Heart says Fuck it Fill your boots and rub their noses into the fucking dirt and then some, Can always wheel out The Old Over Exuberance Excuse if it gets out of hand 😂
  7. Not a golfer myself but for anyone interested Tiger Woods has been airlifted to hospital after rolling his car in Los Angeles
  8. Hope your favourite doesn’t have to retire due to COVID-19 mate 👍
  9. Am I the only one from here tuning in tonight ffs 😂
  10. Some of the video clips I’ve seen of The Tarriers on here mate I think some of them already had The Lobotomy, Have you seen the guy that says if they don’t win 10iar this year they’ll win it next year ffs 😂
  11. Never mind but if you want your chance to get him biting just tell him that Hugh Keevins has said Rangers fans are Revving up for #55 Title Celebrations that will register on The Richter Scale and he’s no fucking wrong 😂
  12. As much as it would be joyous to watch I’m not even sure we have any players that would stoop to the level of the thumb an co tbh and not even sure The Gaffer would allow it even if we did.
  13. Probably demanded the sweetie shop removed them before letting the rest of them through the door 😂
  14. Feel gutted at that for some reason, Probably because he’s been part of the furniture at Ibrox for so long, Wish him all the best in his retirement and hope The Club look after him now we’re back to where we should be 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  15. Speaks volumes imo as I think that just confirms they are truly shitting themselves at the prospect of Rangers winning #55 in their midden, Can’t even handle the thought of it never mind actually deal with it, Where’s all your bravado now broony 😂
  16. Bluenoz has fucked off because he was sick of listening to greeting Tim’s about TLB, Now it’s all about Rangers 😂
  17. Naw that’s us mate when they keep Lenny, They’re getting ready to unleash the sharks again when they keep Lenny 😂
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