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  1. 2 minutes ago, mclovin9091 said:

    Tell you something the cunts better win thier game. Got my UJ waistcoat on order but its no turning up till the 15th :(

    Ffs mate, Please don’t give me anymore ideas, Bank balance has taken an absolute hammering in the last week between fireworks, Union Jack hats, Cardboard cut-outs of Stevie G and Her Majesty amongst plenty of other stuff, Think a UJ waistcoat would finally tip the missus over the edge 😂

  2. 2 minutes ago, qwerty said:

    Missed it the night Troops, was helping ma lad with his homework and helping Mrs Qwerty apply for a couple of jobs, have a missed much or is it mainly St Johnstone being the Team of the Millenia??? 

    Pretty much mate, Nothing of any note, Not a classic by any means

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Goianegra said:

    Since when did "the last decade" become a measurement for success anyway? Ever since it became a dig at us? Who fucking cares?

    Since Rangers are just about to win 55 and no doubt The Rabid Hordes care, It'll be another wee comfort blanket for them.

  4. 3 minutes ago, RFCRobertson said:

    Issue is is he's not wrong though, celtic have had a monopoly on scottish football for the past decade and us being back and celtic starting to lose their stride is a massive breath of fresh air. Aye we should've won it but ultimately anyone except cetic winning a trophy is better than them winning another. 

    Like i say, its changed days now and if the Scottish cup does get played, so long as they dont get that it'll be tremendous and really show their dominance is over 

    As much as he's not wrong mate it's still a snide dig from a desperate man imo with Rangers possibly being less than a week away from being crowned Champions and even if we're not it will only be putting off the inevitable by a week or 2 until 55 arrives, Fuck the haters anyway bud, Cunts the lot of them.

  5. 11 hours ago, BLUEDIGNITY said:

    Wee fuckface mclaughlin  was giving it that patter in the news. Desperate stuff from the clowns, they cannae think of anything funny or original even in the last 10 year, same old shite, no humour, no originality, no class. I think it’s the ingrained chip on the shoulder that makes them like that, inferiority complex is always there. 

    Never mind mate, This time next week there’s a good chance St Johnstone will be the second most successful side This Season given its unlikely they’ll be a 20/21 Scottish Cup to play for and wee speccy still won’t be welcome at Ibrox.

  6. 7 minutes ago, ZZed said:

    Think Stubbs (Blinky Wan Baw) is a good shout to be honest.

    I think with the likes of Lambert and Moyes who are celtic minded already distancing themselves from the job and with the big hitters such as Benitez almost certainly being out of their financial reach unless DD wants to fund it personally it will most likely be a Deilaesque appointment.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Willis said:

    None of my neighbors are going to have a clue whats going on they've probably never heard of Rangers and will just wonder why the scottish guy is setting off fireworks on some random night 😅

    Just get everything decked out in Red, White and Blue mate, Bunting, Flags etc and get Big Tina belting out Simply The Best, They’ll Celebrate, Might not know what they’re celebrating but they’ll celebrate 😂

  8. 2 minutes ago, Willis said:

    Mine will be going off as soon as it gets dark the day we win the title 

    Aye, That’s what I intended when I placed my order today so probably will end up going with that tbf, Next door neighbours whose back garden is just separated from ours by a small fence are sound as fuck, He’s a St Mirren fan but a really nice guy and get on well with him and his missus is a bluenose just as her dad was and they’re up for helping us to celebrate so all good. 

  9. 17 minutes ago, Broomloanblues1 said:

    Not 100 percent sure yet mate waiting to see what restrictions are like nearer the time 

    That’s the thing I’m not too sure about either, Whether to let them off the same night as Rangers being confirmed Champions which obviously could be as early as next weekend or hang on a bit, Possibly last day of the season when hopefully restrictions will be eased enough to get family and friends round for a proper fucking party.

  10. 17 minutes ago, The Godfather said:

    Yeah I was in work and it came on over the radio and I remember a stinking tarrier bastard crying and phoning his peado dad in the office as if he just won the lottery. We meant that much to them. 

    He was made redundant a year later and tried to publish a book.. Lost it all and last I heard he was still on the dole. He and his dad will be crying in a week or two again. 

    Heart Warming stuff that last paragraph

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  11. 2 hours ago, geneva_ger said:

    Mental amount of ammo on show here and I'm so disappointed that I'm out the country for the hours/days/weeks and months of celebrations. Wonder if the noise and smoke will travel 2981 nautical miles?

    Not sure about seeing the smoke mate but you should Feel the Noise, It’ll be off the fucking Richter Scale 😂

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  12. 3 minutes ago, rbt1548 said:

    The only thing that has annoyed me, and it's a personal annoyance, was, the game at Parkhead and possible title winning day, being moved a day later to the 21st March.

    With the game scheduled for the 20th March, which will be my 65th birthday, everything was lining up, my gran gave me my scarf for my tenth birthday which makes it 55 on that day which, hopefully, is an omen. I know it will sound daft, possibly childish, but the scarf has been with me through the years and had many ups and downs, visited many places home and abroad, but this will probably be the biggest emotional event of them all.

    Tears???, I would think there's a high possibility after all we've been through, they tried to kill us off, but we are bigger than all the rest put together and make no mistake we have absolutely obliterated them this season.  

    Enjoy your birthday when it comes mate, I’m sure Rangers will be giving you Simply The Best birthday present of all if a little belated by a day 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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  13. 6 minutes ago, qwerty said:

    Was in the Butchers here in Newcastle yesterday and Simply the Best was playing

    Gave the Butchers 20 minutes worth of the Glasgow Rangers Journey and what it will mean in a few weeks time for us Bears.

    Butcher  loved the history chat and gave me a £5 of my beef.

    Its coming home and im starting to wonder how far we can go in Europe also.

    Then wondered if we one in Europe, would Stevie get a stand or something named after him in the club, 

    Absolutely buzzing this morning, 

    Its soooooooooooooooooooooooooo coming home in the next few days

    Missus and me love a weekend down in Newcastle mate, Canny wait until restrictions are lifted and we can visit again, Tynemouth a cracking wee place also, Enjoy your discounted Sunday dinner bud 😂

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