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  1. 31 years old now, Must be getting close now to an age where he’ll almost certainly make a move to the malcontents across the city, What could go wrong Ffs
  2. What’s the betting The Groin Brigade are busy producing a banner stating “ We are all James McClean” Ambulance chasing cunts
  3. Be some laugh when Rangers are next asked how their internal investigation is going and their reply was along the lines of, As you well know from other clubs internal investigations these things can take a long long time to conclude, Sometimes Forever apparently.
  4. Just in from work, Did anything significant happen regarding this today ?
  5. Obviously taking a leaf out of Fat Japs playbook with an internal investigation 😂
  6. Surely to fuck they’ll not be allowed anywhere near the training ground tomorrow, Don’t think I could even bring myself to speak to them atm if I was the gaffer, I’d just send them all a text telling them to stay the fuck away and tell them they’re getting docked as much wages as the league/sfa allows.
  7. Ffs will cunts never fucking learn, Did they not see what happened to Jones and Edmundson, On the cusp of helping to secure #55 as well, Fucking Bonkers
  8. Duffy didn’t know whether to stick or twist ffs and just decided to do a wee jump anyway as the ball was heading into the net 😂
  9. If my missus liked any of that tat she quite simply wouldn’t be my missus.
  10. Hopefully the players are too and get it out their systems quickly by beating Kilmarnock convincingly.
  11. Looking forward to having Scotty back available, Any idea how far away he is from returning?
  12. That 21pt lead will be down to 18 after Wednesday imo, Scum may well be shite but that result today will give them a wee lift and they’ll be determined apply any pressure regardless how futile it may seem atm, FWIW I do think we’ll put that result behind us and move on and bring it home #55
  13. Don’t know what to say about that ffs, Totally flabbergasted and deflated would be an understatement, Gutted 😞
  14. I feel a bit more relaxed after seeing that early yellow card for some reason, Sets the tone that they’re not gonna be allowed to just kick us off the park.
  15. Brian Rice said in his interview that Hamilton were playing The Best team in Scotland atm, Tarriers no gonna like that 😂
  16. Good job they've got somebody in place looking forward to rebuilding their ship 😂
  17. Aye but if they get rid of Derek like you alluded to earlier they might just get a new manager bounce, Probably wishful thinking on part tbf but here’s hoping anyway 👍
  18. We don’t need it mate, We got Crocker and Walker to keep everybody right.
  19. Is it just me or does no one else long for the days when Duffy used to start games, I fair miss the big fella 😂
  20. He’s out injured according to that ticker tape that runs across bottom of SSN
  21. Think it’s fair to say They’re Hurting and The Real Party has not even started yet 😂
  22. They’ve had their fun since 2012, Their party is now coming to an end and they can’t cope with Natural Order being Restored with Rangers going from strength to strength whilst their house of cards is crumbling before their very eyes.
  23. Sends a shiver down my spine thinking he was offered The opportunity to manage our Great Club, Thank You Derek for realising your limitations and declining that opportunity.
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