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  1. 5 minutes ago, The Monk said:

    I still can’t quite fathom the seethe when we win 55

    Aye, The scum having it all their own way since 2012 and us just ready to burst with Pride and Over Exuberance, What could possibly go wrong 😂😂

  2. 5 minutes ago, SonOfLuther said:

    HAYLEY McQUEEN hit back at an online troll as she called him a 'celtic fan full of hatred'.

    Andrew Irvine attacked the Sky Sports News presenter on Twitter after she mispronounced the name of Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard.


    Hayley McQueen defended herself on TwitterCredit: Kenny Ramsay - The Sun Glasgow

    In the same post, he called on Sky Sports to "get her to f***".

    Irvine tweeted at McQueen directly, saying: "F****** Hayley McQueen presenting on Sky Sports News can't pronounce the top basketball players' names.

    "No interest in sport whatsoever get her to f***."

    Irvine had previously aimed abuse at McQueen on social media earlier this week, saying: "Get Hayley McQueen to f*** away from Scottish football. Dreadful."


    McQueen, who also presents Sky Sports' coverage of Scottish football, hit back at the Hoops supporter in response to today's abuse.

    But she brought up up his love for celtic in her response.

    She said: "So I know nothing about sport because I mispronounced one basketball player's name, you make me laugh.

    "You are obviously perfect and not just some celtic fan full of hatred."

    Irvine then accused McQueen of "showing your true colours" as he hit back.

    He tweeted: "Hahaha obviously not taken that well. It doesn't matter if I'm perfect or not - I don't get paid to present sports.

    "Going on about hatred then bringing celtic into it? It was basketball I was talking about. Glad to see you show your colours there Hayley."

    But people backed McQueen and were quick to defend her as they hit back at at Irvine on Twitter.


    McQueen presenting at Hampden last yearCredit: Kenny Ramsay - The Sun Glasgow

    Presenter Zoe Hardman said: "Hayley is one of the best presenters on the TV, doing a job that takes a huge amount of skill and experience.

    "Sorry what it is that you do again?

    "Oh yeah, swear at women on Twitter and try and make them feel s*** about themselves...what a hero you are."

    Mark Hasler said: "All presenters slip up with names get over yourself mate.

    "Bit rich moaning about the standard of presenting when you're watching Scottish football."

    Joe Crabb added: "She's made you look a right mug pal."

    Another of McQueen's followers replied: "Grow up Andrew mate. Don't suppose you fancy giving live presenting a bash."

    A celtic fan also hit out at Irvine, simply saying: "You sir are an a***."


    Should have just gone for the jugular while she had him on the ropes and asked him what his beloved club are trying to hide under The Big Carpet.

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  3. 6 minutes ago, Lets go 55 said:

    Can't argue with this,there has been an insidious takeover of this country and we the indigenous people have been sleep walking right through it.

    When El papa  was allowed to visit this country (1st mistake) he told his followers to get themselves into positions of power and influence which they have certainly overachieved  per head of population.

    From Politics,Judiciary, Education and the Media, the first two give you the power and the next two give you the influence.

    That's all you need to do,they set the narrative on how the wider population perceive what is happening in this country.

    We are looked on as the Sectarian club causing all the ills in football, branded as cheats whereas the mob in the East can do no wrong, sing about proscribed organisations,glorify in the deaths of British Service men and women, have effigies in their stadium in mock execution of a Rangers Supporter and a Orangeman, know your place H** scum, bottling children and we are to believe that it's just banter and a wind up.

    When it should be portrayed for what it is, out and out hatred.

    A Lord Advocate who stated that they bring a great atmosphere to the stadium a group along with other factions in their support who's reson detre  is a hatred of Great Britain and all it stands for.

    A police force who have been hamstrung by their political masters who will stand by and watch them creating carnage and mayhem on the streets of Glasgow and elsewhere but will huckle someone that sings a song that the perpetually offended complained about.

    They continually bleat about anti-Irish racism and anti Catholic bigotry in Scotland,their new wheeze being "call it out " led by one Jeanette Findlay Lecturer in Economics,Chair of the celtic trust ,what kind of shit is she contaminating the minds of her students and elsewhere with.I think we know the answer to that one.

    Politicians re - routing Orange Parades to appease the offended, politician's going out of their way to muddy the waters in the biggest scandal to hit world sport.It's a Rangers V celtic thing,celtic are not to blame,the silence from the Government.

    The media always ready to make a link with Rangers no matter how tenuous the link with any bad news headline. A child hit with a bottle described as wearing a green top but then again maybe The welfare of Children is not a priority for them.

    The BBC ,no need to say anything.

    Their church has been the main player in the systemic and systematic abuse of Children since it's inception. Their football club of choice has been involved in the same sordid business for God knows how long.

    Well,Finlay ,Sturgeon,Yusaf,Dornan,Mason,Lawell,Lennon,Desmond, Whyte ,Kelly,McGinn,Maxwell,Petrie,Mulraney,every player,manager on your books past and present,Haggerty,Mad Phil,Thompson ,Keevins ,the bbc,every journalist,every smp,church leaders,Chief Constables,the celeb hangers on Compston,Stewart and anyone else,Sponsors,and last but

    not least every single celtic fan who goes to games,buys merchandise or whatever.

    Do you condone the abuse of Children and the cover up of these crimes it's a simple yes or no.

    If I lived in a country where I was subjected to bigotry ,discrimination at the level Finlay and the rest of her cohorts claim,surely soon as you had the means you would leave or is it all just fabricated bullshit ,I am pretty sure they could all afford the price of a ferry ticket.

    No morals,No integrity,No Compassion,No empathy.

    Such a parcel of rogues in a Nation.

    Fuck off home.


    Top post mate, You have just put into words why the fuck I hate this cesspit.

  4. Just now, SonOfLuther said:

    Weddings, new Year, the transexual guy in the hooped skirt.

    This will be a big seller at Neverland.

    Oh you can just imagine the banter they will have over at Torbett Towers, "What you got under your kilt then" A club like no other indeed.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, McEwan's Lager said:

    They are apparently doing a thing where ST holders can take 2 kids to games for nothing.

    This is something that should be applauded in Scottish football tbh.

    Agreed though once the kids see how shite and brutal Motherwell and Scottish football is and hopefully see The Famous hand out a few serious pumpings then hopefully the kids will be putting their parents straight by telling them that they want to be Rangers supporters and can they get a Rangers strip for birthday/Christmas etc 😂😂

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  6. 2 hours ago, eejay the dj said:

    Rip to a legend . You are right mate . He lived and breathed motorsport

    Watching the absolutely brilliant movie " Rush " portrayed him in a more fitting way . Gave me new found respect for him after seeing that

    Although I remember how brave he was back in the day . Very sad loss for Formula 1

    This, All day long mate, Even people with no real interest in motorsport I think would marvel at his courage.

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  7. 5 hours ago, BRITNEY IS NOT FEELING IT said:

    N that's it started already 

    hartson,         :1120982233_SGsmile:


    WHATEVER happens with regards to who manages celtic next season, we now know it won’t be Steve Clarke.

    After two incredible seasons at Kilmarnock, it’s 99 per cent certain that he’s going to take on the Scotland job.

    The Scottish FA have got the right man.

    Had celtic moved for Clarke, I am sure most celtic fans, me included, would have been happy with that.

    For Kilmarnock to finish third this season above Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibernian, is absolutely magnificent.

    I was at a dinner last week where the guests were asked to vote in various categories including manager of the year.

    There were 25 people there and 23 voted for the man at Rugby Park.

    Clarke has been heavily linked with celtic before but that ship has now probably sailed.

    But that doesn’t mean the celtic lads won’t get to work with him.

    In fact, I’m sure that Clarke will heavily rely on Callum McGregor, Ryan Christie, James Forrest and the rest. I may be biased, however, a good coach will know that the best players in Scotland play for the best team.

    And Clarke is a good coach.

    It took a while for Brendan Rodgers to get a win against a Kilmarnock side which beat all the top six teams.

    Clarke gets the best of players, which is a pretty handy skill to have as an international manager of one of the smaller countries.

    He’s got good players but, again, I’ll stress that if Scotland are to qualify for Euro 2020, the core of the team must come from celtic Park.

    They are winners and the Scottish team could do with some wins.


    (here john ,that team has been full of the best players (as ye put it ) n they've still been shite ffs . :britney:        

    I actually hope the national side is full of their players while our players are sitting with their feet up resting and re-charging their batteries in readiness for The Challenge that lies ahead in our quest for 55, Watch fat boy soon change his tune should we manage to get our noses in front, Cunt will be greeting that their players are jaded due to playing too much football.

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