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  1. How does that mean it's fake? u do know that puma use the same templates when making kits for clubs sponsored by puma? Look at Italys training gear they had for the world cup it's the same as our new training gear the same as Arsenal as they are now sponsored by puma they have the same training gear as us.
  2. So what Ally is saying is him, Kenny McDowall and Durrant can't spot a player when they see one? If the club has no money to spend then even if a scout does find a player we're not going to be able to get them. What happened to ex Players like Mols and Amorouso etc... spotting players in there own countries?
  3. It's a joke everyone knows it apart from some Rangers supporters who think Ally can do no wrong. But they same people will be the 1st to moan at the board. Ally McCoist has morre power at Rangers than the board why do you think he's still in a job. The other lot were shit scared to say anything bad about Ally and signed every player he wanted even though we couldn't afford them. Just to keep Ally and the fans onside. Some "Rangers man" eh putting us in the the shit again financially and pretending he never knew we couldn't afford it.
  4. You obviously don't but you can't admit it. No wonder your voting yes you clown.
  5. Too right they should have complaints. McCoist won't here next season and who ever takes over he's made the job alot harder ffor them. He's signed about 4 or 5 over 30's also players that are long term contracts like Black and sheils who no one will buy we're stuck with them and there wages until they leave for free. Some manager is super. He will get us into the top league no doubt about it but will they stay there? Because of his mismanagement of the team who knows?
  6. The away kit looked good last night on the players. They look a bit tight though so any player that is overweight at Rangers it will show. The kit actually looked orange on the telly.
  7. Cheers mate i never knew that. Wished i was as sharp as some of yous on here.
  8. It's the same as the Italy kit they were wearing in the world cup. Obviously the kit is going to look alot better up close. The pics are just to give yo an idea of what it will look like.
  9. Av got milfs popping up on mine wonder how that is...........
  10. Nothing to with the UK. It's virgin media that have blocked the site.
  11. Top League? The SPL is not the top league anymore. Maybe next year it will be not this season.
  12. If we do sign him how many over 30's is that we have now?
  13. They will get us back into the SPL but what happens when we're there? McCulloch will be finished and Miller could well be retiring jon Daly is already finished. Wheres the money coming from to buy better players? The manager that takes over from McCoist is going to have a hard job.
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