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  1. I'm looking for landscaping jobs i Finnish up in my current job in 5 months.
  2. What does it feel like to work with Rangers fans? Working with 6 beasts and feel like chocking the cunts.
  3. Alot of them are advertised by agency's just trying to build there books. You never here anything back and the jobs always seem to good to be true. ie 40 hours per week at £8ph.
  4. Southampton, Chelsea, Derby,PSG,Barca.
  5. For anyone that is interested in media, documentary production etc..... heres a job it's a documentary about "the Glasgow Rangers" http://www.indeed.co.uk/cmp/SDMC/jobs/Runner-5f51c53fb8f80e8d
  6. Just started work with West Dumbartonshire council for 9 months. I would love to work with a company full of Rangers fans but they will do for now.
  7. I had £2 on West Brom Aston Villa and Crystal palace all to win. Palace was the only team to fuck me for £1002. Bastards!
  8. Had this same problem, about a year ago i started a job and i about a month later i got offered another job on more money and i had went for this interview before i got the job i was in. The women phoned me and said i had the new job and told me the date i was starting etc......... Handed in my notice in the other job and finished up.....2 days before i was about to start the new one they phone me up and said they had pulled the job.
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