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  1. Nothing to say that hasn't already been said but today is just neil lennon once again proving what a vile human being he is. A bitter wee man who hasn't changed since the moment he moved up here 20 years ago.
  2. Good way to look at it mate. I always go 10-10-10-8 and think if we win at least 8 of the 10 and 7 of the 8 we'll win the league or be very unlucky to lose it. Keeps me calm after dropping points and keeps a bit of perspective. 10-8-2-0 10-10-0-0 4-3-1-0. That second block is why we're so far ahead!
  3. We hadn't won 16 league games in a row for nearly five decades. We have been on a remarkeable run that was going to end at somepoint. Were there negatives today? Sure but we're still sitting extremely pretty at the top of the league and it's going to remain that way.
  4. He was left completely isolated in the first half as well. The amount of times we got the ball into him in the box surrounded by 2 or 3 Motherwell players and Kent, Aribo and Hagi nowhere to be seen. His play and positioning deserved more rewards from the team!
  5. It would be interesting mate. Roofe just doing what he does between the 18 yard box, Itten dropping wide and Morelos dropping deep it would keep the opposition defence moving. The problem is just now how I'd see it working is we'd need Jack and, more importantly, Arfield back. Jack protecting the defence, Hagi being the creative spark and Arfield exploting the spaces left by Itten and Morelos.
  6. Excuse me but was this about the Itten and Defoe suggestion? I'm not saying do that if you are I just think it would get goals. Once Roofe is back he is up top with Morelos 100%
  7. I'm not getting into a Morelos debate, it's been covered a thousand different ways. Personally I think an Itten & Defoe would get us goals If we're going to the two up top (which we should at Ibrox) I don't think Aribo would give any more than Kent along with Hagi going on current form. I still think Kent can take a couple of players out the game just off his presence than Aribo could. I also don't think at home to Ross County is the game to move away from playing the three of them. I'd rather we took out Davis or Kamara to bring in Itten or Defoe. I still think there a few more
  8. Don't get me wrong there are times he makes me want to smash my head of a wall the one he ran it straight out was bad. I think today in that second half we needed him, Aribo, Hagi, Morelos and Itten on to win that game. Bring on Barker for Kent then maybe you still have enough numbers in and around their area to hurt them. I still think outwith Tav he created just as anyone else today with that ball over to Tav who headed it down and nobody was home.
  9. Based on what else we have at our disposal. Leaving it just Hagi and Aribo with two strikers and Davis and Kamara doesn't work for me. St Mirren? Yep we were solid nothing more and nothing less (that's not a complaint 3 points is all that matters). We were just as solid against St Johnstone the week before and we were very good for 65 minutes last week at Aberdeen. We didn't drop our guard just because of him. If we were going to win that game today we were better doing it with him, Aribo and Hagi on the park with Itten and Morelos.
  10. You know as bad as Kent was today he still created just as much as anybody else in our team today. Don't care what anyone says we're better with him than without him. I'll never defend a player blindly and as much as he hasn't been great recently he doesn't get "dropped" for me.
  11. First half was poor, we left Morelos isolated, Kent, Aribo & Hagi were too narrow and the full backs were unwilling to to go into the spaces Motherwell were leaving us. Second half I thought the first 10 minutes we were better. Hagi and Kent were getting out wide and we were stretching them. Bringing on Itten was right but not for Hagi, for me we didn't need Kamara at that stage and would have taken him off. The goal came from a deep cross but I feel we tried it too often and should have kept trying to get to the byline and get balls across that way. Just some small frustrations
  12. The goal we conceded was pretty pathetic but Motherwell the first 20 minutes had a decent plan and it worked and we struggled to work it out. Since then though it's been frustrating. Tav and Borna are literally being shown on to the byline and refuse to do it for some reason. Get the byline and get balls across the goal for the front 3 and Aribo. As for Kent, Aribo and Hagi they are playing way to narrow for me. They need to double up down the wings and play in the space Motherwell are giving us and we'll start to create. They've also left Morelos way to isolated. Three or four times
  13. Feel confident as I always have in this side over the last 3 or 4 months. Motherwell have been in some shit form though the new manager can help them. We have a good record there and it isn't a ground I really fear tbh. The team is strong and after last weeks first hour I think we can win this by two or three as long as we take our chances. I expect the typical patient start with us growing into the game. 2-0 Rangers Morelos and Hagi.
  14. Firstly it should be said that without him we would have been fucked. The work he and the board have put in the last 5/6 years has been utterly superb. There has been mistakes but we've consistently moved forward on and off the park which has accelerated since Gerrard was appointed. He stayed patient, knew what had to happen even when sometimes it was hard on us but now we are certainly reaping the rewards. The future is bright and King has undoubtedly played an important part in getting us here.
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