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  1. See I put no because it really doesn't matter and I think the whole thing is a joke. Like yourself, it pisses me off that we've let them win the last 3 by effectively beating ourselves. Us losing the league again means more than whether they've won 2, 5 or 10 in a row.
  2. SIRB_72


    A 3/4 million pound striker? Aye I would like to think so. Players need to start games and he's only started two. Personally I thought he linked up well with Roofe against Kilmarnock and I will agree with any doubters he didnt catch my eye on Thursday. He got brought on in two dead games against St Mirren and St Johnstone and then got chucked on with another striker against both Livingston and Hibs and expected to just come up with absolutely something from nothing. Look at Roofe who signed on the same day. He's started 3 league games in his best position, scored us two goals an
  3. SIRB_72


    He needs to have a run of starts and a chance to build an on park relationship with team mates in games. Until that happens we will never really know.
  4. Exactly mate. We should just be delighted we've kept out 19 game top flight unbeaten run at easter road. Ignore we've only won once in four under Gerrard there🤔
  5. GVB is not for me. I can think of 5 or 6 more suitable. I said in the match thread that I'm not at panic stations yet because if we win our next two games our first 10 games are pretty comparable, better in some cases, to some title winning teams. However, today was everything wrong we've seen over the last two years. At some point it may be the case, if things go tits up again, that Gerrard is the man who has improved us and built a squad that is on par with celtic's (imo) but isn't the man to take us past celtic. For me this team was good enough to win at Livi and it was good enoug
  6. If someone asked you why have Rangers not won the league under Gerrard you really could just show them today's game. It had every failed characteristic of us under Gerrard.
  7. Quite a lot to take away from that game but here goes. Defensively the two goals are extremely poor. The first one, as well as the second one, I do not understand why the full back doesn't stop the cross. Don't let Boyle cross and the chance doesn't happen. Then when the ball comes in Kamara is fucking nowhere and for some reason Davis is in line with the two centre halfs while a Hibs central midfielder strolls into the box. Then the second we dont clear our lines against and it's Goldson's crutch. For some reason he has to fanny about in these situations, the amount of goals we hav
  8. I would let Hagi and Arfield just play their natural game mate and leave one holding
  9. This will sound weird as fuck but I'd chuck Jones on for Kamara. Go a proper 433 and double up on Hibs down the wings and get crosses in for Alfie or place balls across the penalty spot for Hagi and Arfield making those late runs. It worked for the goal and our other decent chance came from Arfield making a late run because it's a weak spot when teams play like this. Hibs are also packed in the centre of the pitch so lets take the ball away from there instead of making it hard for ourselfs. My worry with Hibs is that the two up top keep getting in 1 v 1 situations but I think if we g
  10. Souness hates Man Utd, it's hilarious. Not as good as his complete contempt for celtic though.
  11. Also if you take out our games pre the playoff round because Galatasaray rarely play in these rounds so would be an unfair comparison. We have won the same amount of games in Europe last season that Galatasaray have won in the last 8 years
  12. Just had a look there at their record. So since they reached the QF of the CL in 12/13 they have played 39 games in Europe (qualifiers, group stages, knockouts) and have won 5. Against teams from the top 5 countries their record is 1 win in 20 games and their record against teams outside the top 5 is 4 wins in 19 games.
  13. If we get through Willem which I really think we should then Galatasaray or Hadjuk don't really bother me. Galatasaray are a huge club and definietely the biggest we've played in these Europa qualifiers over the last 2 years. However, they aren't what they used to be at all. It could have been better but it could have been a lot worse!
  14. 2 wins in 7 at easter road since we beat them 6-2 in 2015. Just win Rangers.
  15. Have you seen the Milan's line-up? No chances taken
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