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  1. Maybe the league title discussion around that season is less talked about for a few reasons. I'd say apart from 2007/08 it was our most exciting European campaign even though it ended prematurely. We constantly faced big teams like Parma, Bayern, Valencia, PSV and ,correct me if I'm wrong, Dortmund in the UEFA Cup. Add to the European campaign the oranje cup final was a huge moment that season with Hampden decked out in Orange. For me it was a special day as a kid and I remember that more than anything else the league gave us maybe outwith the win at parkhead and the 4-0 battering at Ibro
  2. Talking to a guy in work about the cup game and surprise surprise it turns into the covid 5 and the SFA being against celtic and helping us win. It's like banging your head off a wall. I remember why I don't talk to these cunts ever
  3. Zlatan up front and Helander at the back. Might as well hand Sweden the Euros!
  4. How is the dive even a debate? He dived. Barisic missed the tackle, all he has to do is go past him and put it away. Instead he sees the tackle, expects the contact and goes down.
  5. I like the line-up. It says we're going there to win! If Kent, Hagi & Aribo keep close to Alfie there will be plenty of chances created.
  6. Just a small thing on the 10:30 news from them last night. When they went to the sport section they brought up Thursday night of course. However, what I found quite curious was that they started the story with the Slavia accusation against our players attacking Kudela rather than an alleged racist incident which they did move on to. Now I didn't watch the news the night before or at all until last night but it seemed a very weird way to edit that story. Surely you would lead with the original accusation then the second? Don't want to sound like a mad conspiracy theorist but that alon
  7. Helander has played more CL games than anybody else in this squad apart from McGregor and Davis.
  8. Beaten by a smarter and more street-wise team. I don't think they were a better football team necesarilly but they had qualities we just lacked. They played like a classic European side who can jusy frustrate the fuck out of you. What a great run once again and until tonight I've enjoyed just about every minute of it. Let's hope next season it's in a packed Ibrox with the CL music blaring!
  9. I can see that as well. 2-0 up after an hour with Slavia scoring in the last 10 minutes and an impending heart attack until it's over. It's the Rangers way!
  10. This! We, and more importantly the board, can't let us think this is just going to be the way of things now and become complacent. Despite them having a couple of awful windows they will still have one of the two biggest budgets in the league by a country mile. We can't stop them from winning 34 other league games and I thought as much when we weren't winning the league and they thought it would be that way forever!
  11. I voted Davis. I think he changed the base of our midfield when he was introduced after some conservative performances with Jack and Kamara together. Defensively he was solid in midfield. I think I read that he was our top midfielder in terms of tackles and interceptions. Either way he was great when defending and was just as good when we had the ball. He really controlled games in midfield at times and was always the one deeper trying to pick out a pass. I also think without his experience and know how in games we wouldn't have such a great record. It's hard to tell whether it's h
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