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  1. There's only so much to watch at once especially with it being on so late. I've only caught highlights of the rowing both days. Look to catch up on the highlights of the swimming and the men's road race at some point today.
  2. He's probably not that offensive but I don't think there is a driver I have ever disliked as much as Rosberg
  3. Seeing the score and their first 11 and, more importantly for the league, their squad is seriously lacking compared to ours at this point. Plenty of time in the transfer window but there is no way they're bringing in the 6 or 7 players they need to go for 38 games, in two cups and potentially Europe.
  4. Just reflecting on some of the reaction from yesterday from Mercedes, Hamilton, Red Bull and Verstappen. The gloves are off now. We're going to have some title fight now
  5. Rijeka will be a good test for Hibs. They're always kicking about these stages in Europe. Something about Hacken just has Scottish disaster in Europe written all over it nevermind Austria Vienna
  6. With our European record under Gerrard we should see this through whether it is Malmo or Helsinki. That's not to discredit the two either, I just have a certain comfort level with us at this stage in Europe. I'm kind of glad we avoided Ferencvaros for the same reason I like us in Europe: the manager. Rebrov with them and Dynamo Kiev has a superb European track record which is arguably a bit stronger than Gerrard's.
  7. I think Hamilton getting a penalty was correct but I don't think the penalty was fair but it never is in these circumstances. Anyway it was a superb drive from Hamilton and Leclerc today. Hamilton went full Schumacher today and just hammered lap after lap to catch up with Leclerc.
  8. Fernando Alonso is still phenomenal. Such a shame he'll never be in a top car ever again. I personally would love to see him in a Mercedes or Red Bull.
  9. They should leave this shit to F2 and F3.
  10. Aye they were only an example. Like I said, I wouldn't hold my breath
  11. What do people think of this Europa Conference League? At first I was pretty skeptical but after looking at the format I think it's a pretty good idea for clubs outside the top 5 leagues. It will still probably be a top 5 side that wins it but for a team from a smaller country to potentially reach the quarter finals or semin finals if the draw is kind could change a lot for a club in a smaller nation financially. The money is nowhere near CL levels but it's still a good chunk of money. If Aberdeen or Hibs for example were to reach the group stages they'd get somewhere around 4.5 mill
  12. Fair enough. I'd add them and Portugal over the last 25 years. Both teams have been considered at different points over those years to be the best three or four international teams. If Holland and Portugal are the tier below by themselves I'd say England are below those two in last 25 years.
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