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  1. So underrated. The defence was superb last year but the goals he added to our team made the difference last season. The only guy that we've been able to pair up with Alfie and the only guy who can take the pressure off him. Superb since he's signed.
  2. Three points worse off than last season - not bad considering we finished with a record breaking points tally last season. We're also coming into the period were Gerrard has us playing at our best between November and December. Last two seasons we've won 16/17 in the league. The game we dropped points at Pittodrie in the first half was as good as we've played under Gerrard. Today we were poor but it was actually as routine a victory as you can get from Rangers. They scored a long ranger and barely threatened us at all after that. We also created quite a few chances ourselves and thoroughly deserved the win. Wednesday will be a landmark victory for the season I'm so sure of it!
  3. The thing is I didnt watch much of him before us, I dont think many did. I can't buy that he was playing up top for his previous club. Looks like to me we'd get more from him coming outside to inside rather than the focal point!
  4. Even though we weren't great in the second half I felt that we were in control UNTIL we brought Sakala on. Don't want to slate players, and I'm in not really slating him tbh, but in times when we're trying to manage the game he is not the player we need. Can't hold the ball, can't keep the ball. Would rather we kept Itten for those moments. Every time we bring him on we insist on playing him with Roofe who then has to come deep when his best work is in and around the box!
  5. Fair play to the team, didn't panic and knew we'd get into the game at some point. No way were St Mirren going to keep up that energy, however, we shouldnt be letting them fuck about with the ball. Davis stringing passes and Hagi, especially, along with Aribo getting involved in the game we started to create chances and cause problems. The pressing helps so much, if we let St Mirren keep us in our own half then we struggle to get the ball to the front 4. Press high then those 4 will cause havoc like they did in the last 20! Pleass just get a fucking 3rd Rangers!
  6. If history is anything to go by his value will be better by the end of the year. In the league Gerrard's record in November and December is 23 wins in 28 which is about 82% and as good as you can get. 4 of those 5 non wins came in his first season.
  7. The second half Alfie was treating the ball like a hot potato which was pretty frustrating. However, he keeps getting into positions and getting chances. History has shown us that he'll put them away eventually. He and Roofe have a great partnership for me. Alfie does enough during the game to worry the opposition enough that it gives Roofe space and one on ones were his anticipation gets us goals. The second last night was a good example. Roofe will score the goals when they two play together and Alfie will start getting them when he's playing up top himself. Then we have 3/4 midfielders along with Tav who can contribute 1 in 3.
  8. I'm with you on Arfield. I still think he can offer what he did last season. Lost a yard? Probably. No reason why we cant use him. The type of ball Wright gave him tonight is what he thrives on and we have plenty of guys that can do it!
  9. That'll do a nice routine 2-0 win. Been waiting for one of those all season Controlled the game for 95%, limited Brondby to very little and managed to get the crucial second to take the pressure off. A good good night. Same again on Sunday please Rangers
  10. Good first half from us. Controlled the game, moving the ball go well in attack and limited Brondby. Gradually getting to were we need to be. The second goal is huge for us!
  11. Whenever he has spent money or paid higher wages it's generally been pretty good. His frees and loans are much more misses than hits. I'd say he's pretty much broken even. I'd say he hasn't had too many expensive mistakes which should be taken into account!
  12. McGregor has been our most reliable player since Gerrard came in. No one else has been as consistent as him over that time.
  13. McGregor is the number 1. End of. When was the last time he made a game costing mistake?
  14. It's hard to defend missing sitters but I remember reading all the same stuff about Morelos in the past, last season included. I have no doubt Morelos will prove his worth once again over the season.
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