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  1. Apologies, missed that shite result when I checked
  2. They've drawn with Hivs twice 2-2 and 1-1 in the League. They beat them 3-1 in a friendly from what I can see.
  3. I'll never say its over till its mathematically impossible, unlike they scummy cunts. But its so so close! As long as we keep focused, we'll get there
  4. Poor John. I thought this was the best transfer window yous have had!
  5. Peter: Funny how things were Rosie before. They loved Popcorn, Lawell and Desmond, now they're all cunts. He can include himself in being an entitled cunt! Nae luck ya tarrier Fuckwit. Enjoy the party in Santa Ponsa
  6. Went to Ibrox with my Dad and a few other Bears from the pub we drank in at the time, to watch it on the big screens I'm sure. My Dad's now coming up for 82yo so pure buzzing that if we stay on track, and all going well, that he'll see us lift 55!
  7. This null and void talk is pure desperation, it won't be happening. Come February my reckoning is case rates will start dropping due to more and more people being vaccinated each day. Suck it up tarrier pricks!
  8. Gerry is a deluded Fuckwit! Don't be like Gerry.
  9. Cannae wait till John Kennedy is announced at end of the season!
  10. Queersy on Scotland tonight just now spouting shite, the wee wanker that he is... He's wanting football cancelled/postponed further!
  11. It's bad enough those scummy cunts pedalling the null and void shite without our fans jumping on that bandwagon and giving it momentum... It won't happen! So telling fellow Rangers fans to shut the fuck up is out of order!
  12. Declan: Thirteen players sitting on the couch with sunburn!
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