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  1. Ah right, I did see it. Tbh when I seen the replays the Swiss guy was pulling his Jersey also.
  2. Cannae mind that one, must have been pouring a drink at the time.
  3. Didn't see the game last night, was wondering if they were using VAR. That's the way it should be implemented.
  4. So drop our captain, that barring injury has just had a great season?
  5. Patterson will be on the bench, and Tav will start, and rightly so.
  6. I heard that one at the time, didn't believe the guy was a paramedic. Believe he also said he had a newbie to the job (female) with him and she was horrified. I don't envy the scenes and situations paramedics have to deal with but if a newbie thinks George square was horrendous, I'm afraid she ain't cut out for that line of work unfortunately.
  7. First one I actually remember was Mexico 86. Good world cup by all accounts IMO. 90 was good, thought USA 94 was pretty shit from memory.
  8. Exactly, meant to be a professional football player and can't get fit for a whole season! I suppose when your manager is popcorn teeth, and the state of him, there is no incentive!
  9. How any Rangers fan would vouch for that fucking Rhat cunt I'll never know. Ooooh he scored two free kicks against England before. Some Rangers fans should get a grip!
  10. Over the next few weeks it's just gonna be a mix of the taigs and the Tartan trannies moaning. Whilst we go about business as usual
  11. No taigs on talking about their new manager!
  12. Not listening to it as I'm out. We will be lucky not to lose every game!
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