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  1. Yip, think I'll have a beer and sit and listen to the meltdown, should be quality
  2. Said it previously, think he will turn out a quality player, may take a bit of time due to how much game time he gets at the moment. Like his movement off the ball, he looks lively and drags defenders about, and also has a good touch for a big guy.
  3. Always love Boyds reactions/wee cheeky grin. Scum fans must hate him. Long may it continue!
  4. If you look at popcorn teeth on the bench he shouts "c'mon Bainy" Not good enough to be 1st choice over that shite Greek keeper, but please save the penalty!
  5. The most worrying part was the trouble at the end of the match. Think the team probably headed directly back to get a flight after the match as Gerrard hinted at that in his presser Yesterday morning.
  6. I used to think I had a fair idea how it worked, but it seems to change monthly, either due to medical science, or more likely, Fucking guesswork by those supposedly "in charge". Seven months down the line they're all still clueless!
  7. It may well be, as if its in your system it should probably show as football players are getting tested regularly. Think the symptom thing is more for "Joe Bloggs" to then get tested, that's where I'm maybe getting mixed up 👍
  8. My guess is it can be between 3,4/ 7 days as if you test positive you isolate for 7 days, but if you are a close contact you have to isolate for 14 days, reason being they reckon the incubation period can be upto 7 days, so may not test positive/have symptoms before that point.
  9. When do the new guidelines come into place regarding forfeiting the game (3-0). Should it not happen with St Mirren? I've kind of lost track now 🤔
  10. It's been a fantastic week, but we need to keep the head, put a run of wins together, especially against the teams that play a low block. It's early in the season and as Stevie G said we should remain humble. By fuck I hope we do it this year! let's back the team to the hilt, but a game at a time.
  11. Is the incubation period for this virus not 3/4 days plus, so results may not be accurate at this point in time 😬 Hopefully we come out of this unscathed though.
  12. Remember Souness etc pissin themselves laughing at him after a Euro game About 0:40 in the clip.
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