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  1. Seen Woods, Goram, Klos way back when. Goram was immense, but I'm totally stuck between him and McGregor. Was at the 3-3 game with a great view from the West enclosure when the goalie made that great save from PVH, and even when he saved it I though it was still going to go in the top corner. I do actually think McGregor v Bremen shades it thought as he stops in his tracks and changes direction and tips it onto the bar. Overall contributions/saves I find it hard to separate them though. Don't think Klos or Woods are up there with either of them, though they were great ke
  2. If the game gets moved, it is what it is. It may suit some and not others. Bit of respect, don't think HRH chose what day he wanted to pass/when his funeral would be.
  3. The only chance they cunts will get to set fireworks off. Sad rat Bastards!
  4. Souness knew what a good player he was through their time in Italy playing against one another.
  5. Yeah they have, though having looked at the split, apart from the two away games and the game v Them at Ibrox, I think the last game versus the sheep at Ibrox (15th May) will probably be on Sky aswell.
  6. Sure some of the games in the "split" can be shown when at Ibrox mate.
  7. Lower league opposition, but I've said it previously, think he is a good talent. Bit rough round the edges but he was out injured for best part of a year I think with injury back when he was 19, so maybe hasn't developed as quickly as he might have.
  8. Listening to Craigan and that cunt Stewart wanking over him was He's better than Christie, but that wouldn't be difficult.
  9. Was that Thompson one a 3 nil to them about 93 or 94. He was a Shite keeper. That score sticks in my head for something that happened to my mate the night before the game.
  10. Yip, thought he played for us twice, which he did.82-87 (went to Hearts) then came back for a few years from about 91 or 92.
  11. Remember him as big Sadie. Ok player from memory, nothing great, but quite steady though looked cumbersome. Was at the Rangers v Leeds game 92/93 season and think he fired the header that John Lukic parried for our 2nd goal (McCoist) just before halftime to make it 2-1
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