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  1. Too right. Get our form sorted and fucking horse these mhutant inbred cunts!
  2. The "Angeball effect" aka: delusional scum cunts
  3. To me his mentality has never been right to be a consistently good/successful boxer. Heavyweights gone by and even Fury just now are hard cunts, that can stand toe to toe and give it. Never really seen that with AJ tbh.
  4. Summed up perfectly. Never thought AJ was a great Heavyweight but that defeat against Ruiz he absolutely bottled it. Only thing he didn't do was raise a white flag in that fight.
  5. Aj is one of the worst Heavyweight boxers I've seen in my time. Fury would have dismantled him anyway.
  6. There wasn't much movement ahead of him tbh. The lack of movement/intensity is pretty glaring right now. Far too many players off form at the moment. Our strikers always seem to have their backs to goal, and not been impressed with Roofe thus far either. Hopefully form will pick up though.
  7. Says Alot about someone who is happy signing that peado cunt! Nuff said about that wank of a manager, whatever the name of the nonentity is
  8. Exactly, we're trundling through games. It all one people saying "well we got the 3 points and we're top of the league". We won't get 3 points every game playing that bad though!
  9. Is it not that the keeper can only get a yellow for giving a penalty away, as it is considered punishment enough the awarding of the penalty. Something like that anyway.
  10. He'll have an injury when he faces us, and if not, the big bad Rangers fans will be responsible for his mental breakdown. Nothing to do with the fact he's a complete cunt!
  11. Billy Gunn firing blanks tonight!
  12. If so, might be before my time as far as I'm aware, or my time from when I was old enough to remember.
  13. Sure we'll know in couple days time anyway. After international break. How many times do I need to watch fucking Scotland play this year!
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