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  1. Yip, I noticed that too. A really good performance from him today.
  2. It's a mistake, which happens. Not so long ago Tav done more or less the same thing against them. Shit happens, though on this occasion nothing bad came of it.
  3. It's just a pity the position he plays is one of our strongest when Tav is fit.
  4. Barring that one mistake in the 2nd half he was my MOTM both going forward and solid in defence.
  5. Can someone not inform the thick cunts that the Glasgow Derby is Rangers v Queens Park. Refreshing to see we're disassociated with that rancid club however, in any way, shape or form So a big thankyou to them for that!
  6. Would say we need a couple of quality midfielders, though don't know what the guys like we've signed pre contract from Bournemouth. Think he's a DM/CB, cannae mind.
  7. Hope we get wee Kent on song tomorrow. Love wee Kent https://youtu.be/zLiPmcPYC14
  8. Wasn't a big fan of Helander at first, but think he's had a great season aswell. Wee bit slow, but knows how to position himself and reads the game well. Won't be easy to dislodge him, if he stays.
  9. He shouldnae have mentioned getting 20 goals before the turn of the year In fairness, it was the shitey SMSM that kept suggesting it to him. Jinxing cunts!
  10. Hope it's true. Our POTY I think, though could have been Tav barring injury and a better 2nd half to the season to match the 1st. Big man has been solid throughout though.
  11. Anyway, my team is this: McGregor Patterson Goldson Helander Barisic Arfield Davis Kamara Hagi Morelos Kent
  12. Aye, I can definitely see the problem Definitely a good time to experiment!
  13. How does Zungu hold up in a midfield battle? Can't say I've seen any evidence of it thus far.
  14. Good shout. A guy that's started how many games (Zungu) ? Throw him in, why no. Who up front then?
  15. Nah, the best bench player was "the judge" Ally McCoist. When he came on he made a difference,, that is the difference.
  16. I think he will start but I'd prefer Hagi with Morelos and Kent. If that isn't working bring Roofe on or even Wright for Hagi.
  17. I see where you're coming from, but the only way Aribo plays is right side of a front 3 which means Hagi doesn't start imo. Hagi puts more work in off the ball (closing down) and more assists. It's a tough call as I like Aribo, and he has moments of magic. I wouldn't start Roofe though above the aforementioned two.
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