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  1. It’s no just FF it’s Rangers fans all over Twitter and Facebook Absalute riddys
  2. Good to hear mate. Hate fucking ultras with there poofy songs poofy drum and knocking flags when guys are away for a slash.
  3. So your saying If we’ve sold say 200 k strips at £60 a pop not one penny is going to the club?? Thats 12 million going to SD?
  4. Take it your a fan of Ashley chief?? or do you wish King and the 3 bears never got control back ?
  5. It’s personal between him and King mate if it was that easy we’d have done it by now. Fat bassa
  6. We win the league next season and Dermotts poodle won’t be needed anymore and will cut all ties with us. 🙂
  7. Fair enough not clued up on this bollocks but why haven’t we paid the cunt why are we still using elite and why is his jumble sale shops not selling our strips??
  8. Am I on the wrong forum here ? Your posting every taigs wet dream and seem quite happy about it.
  9. Sports direct are getting fuck all from our strip sales as you’ll see when the accounts come out. Are you happy that fat wank is winning the court cases? Saint Marshall WTF ???
  10. We will just need to wait and see when the accounts get published then.
  11. Haud on Your saying this pop up shop(extension of the st Enoch for a day)is going to be selling our strips and Rangers aren’t getting a bean??
  12. So your saying everyone that buys a strip from the st Enoch store is actually giving it to sports direct?? First ive heard of this except from moonhowling taigs.
  13. What bit do you disagree with fuck Ashley or that his shops are shit tips?
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