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  1. Turned it aff , can't be arsed listening to the slabbering cunts, anymore.
  2. My grandchildren will be tarrier hating loyalists just like me,their grandad and their great grandad.
  3. Absolutely dominating the cunts, the way it should be, WATP.
  4. Loving it, our young team have finally arrived at a place where we have been before many times, lost generation etc., utter fucking pish, daughter's are now seeing Rangers, fucking love Rangers, up yese ya tarrier bastards.
  5. I hated the term Old Firm and would never use it since my teens, as if we were in some way associated or in some sort of club with the clatty manky bastards, I use it all the time now because I know it annoys them, fenian bastards.
  6. A disgusting club with disgusting players and disgusting fans, hopefully Arsenal don't take the foot off the gas and absolutely fucking pummel them, I'd imagine quite a lot of any normal football fans across Europe would be delighted to see these fucking reprobrates fucked out on their racist arse.
  7. Was doing a fair bit of gardening stuff and only now settled with a beer, missed all this, UEFA are an absolute embarrassment of an organisation, found guilty of racist behaviour in this or any other day and age should result in a lifetime ban from football, any retaliation should result in an award and a knighthood, I despair at the human race.
  8. Shite but fuck it, not putting another holiday in for the Monday so will just have a slightly calmer day.
  9. Kick off will probably be moved to lunchtime on the same day, don't understand why cunts are losing their shit over this.
  10. Despised them as a boy and will despise them more when I'm drawing my last breaths, bastards.
  11. Stinking rat faced child molesting tramp scumbag bastards, I fucking hate they horrible predator fucking animals with a passion, absolutely pump them next week Rangers please, vile vagrant lice ridden fucking troglydytes.
  12. I'm not criticising Rangers for a situation that's completely out of their control m8 but ffs, what we've put up with for a decade, taking my girls to fantastic away days at Airdrie and QOTS etc. I'm only looking for a wee bit of recognition for the blind faith we have shown
  13. If we are still at the stage of not letting the full crowd in come the start of next season then unfortunately I will not be renewing, I'm not throwing the best part of 1500 quid at tickets for watching us on TV, I simply cannot justify it anymore, I've been at numerous shops etc lately absolutely rammed with no social distancing and face mask wearing seemingly optional, open Ibrox this weekend and 50,000 would turn up not giving a fuck about Covid, fear is outweighing rational sense and has been for over a year now.
  14. Tbf though the replies from Subway are fucking brutal unfunny pish .
  15. Probably look full if it's only you allowed back.
  16. Remember Durrants goal now Remember it now
  17. Can't remember Durrant's goal but remember big mans bullet header and Ally's overhead.
  18. Punch yourself in the face bawbag, fucking boom
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