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  1. Sakala is is a player we are going to fall in love with imo
  2. Thread is like asking me do I consider myself bald or hair challenged.
  3. Mrs KK looking at what she has snared would probably say the same about that McGinn cunt m8.
  4. Seen it on here and thought it looked fucking horrible, seen it in the shop and changed my mind and bought it.
  5. Thank fuck, guarantees 3 loyal fans in your seat
  6. Probably because big fat cunts fae Castlemilk are wheeled in at Rangers discretion.
  7. Didn't think keeper was at fault, thinks it was a decent strike, fucking hell and to think I'm just now paying any attention to this.
  8. A nation of moaning shitebags who continue to moan about everything while continuing to vote for the party that produces everything needed for moaning, let's fucking wreck the place.
  9. I'll find out the result in the morning, away to my bed.
  10. Some cunt please win this in the next 5 minutes because I'm going to bed for work.
  11. Good to see Kate Moss got her well deserved ticket as a massive football follower.
  12. Fucking get up ya wee catholic fairy bastard.
  13. England right on it from the start, could win this at a canter the way it's going.
  14. Fuck international football, I'm aff the drugs and I'm doing Ben Lomond on Saturday with my m8 and our collection of daughters, that's all the talking I'm doing tonight imo
  15. Couldn't give a fuck who wins this and probably won't see the second half because I'll be in bed for work but anyone who actually posts stuff like yassss or get in for either team after a goal needs a talking to imo
  16. Does anycunt else think it's bizarre that you are allowed a massive crowd in a massive stadium and most of the crowd are jam packed together with just a few spaces dotted about?, just open the full fucking stadium ffs.
  17. Want England to win because it will further throw the trannies into meltdown and want Denmark to win because as a neutral with no fuck given I always side with the underdog.
  18. Now that is how you get behind your nation imo
  19. And serial winners at club and international level
  20. Italy have been a joy to watch at times this tournament, didn't think it was a penalty.
  21. Will present it while yodeling the Swiss national anthem m8.
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