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  1. Now 100% going and seat on bus sorted .
  2. Fair chance I will be attending this now, I talk some amount of bipolar pish.
  3. Absolute God to me, so many great years that man gave me following Rangers.
  4. The hag out baiting again I see, fucking screaming for abuse because that's her goal with that video, I hope I'm wrong but I can see serious disorder on the streets in the not too distant future , all caused by absolute no marks with Twitter accounts.
  5. Absolute pish as the tens of thousands of fans who don't use forums have made their views pretty clear at matches, I've met 1 Rangers fan who voted yes, 1 , and he's a dick
  6. Utter scum journalism that has backfired on a level that I don't think anyone could have imagined, the records aim was probably concocted by so called journalists slapping each other on the back while looking forward to the big bad Rangers getting absolutely slaughtered on the front pages, bet some of those slaps are now aimed at faces.
  7. Nope, fuck the lot of them, we never asked for this, I don't give a fuck how many of them lose jobs over this.
  8. You knew full well the responses you would get when you posted that which makes you an attention seeker and imo a complete arsehole, hope your shite nation side get pumped tonight as well.
  9. He can bleat away, these cunts have inadvertently united an otherwise disjointed fanbase and stuck it together with gorilla glue.
  10. It's what has been needed for a very long time, we are a fucking massive fan base, yet it's took a few no mark halfwits to rouse it from a deep sleep, find myself absolutely agreeing with posters I have literally never agreed with on here since I joined
  11. Decided before this covid shite I was not attending away games on a regular basis anymore, if I end up with a ticket I'll go, if not I'm not that bothered anymore, be surprised if I go to more than 2 or 3 season now, thank fuck because it's nothing but hassle, even getting your own seat for Ibrox is becoming a fucking pain in the arse.
  12. Probably front door, back door is a pain in the arse to get to through the back garden, wheelie bins and a snib on the inside of the gate etc., police Scotland are lazy cunts so would probably go the easy route.
  13. Now consider them an absolute enemy, dear fucking lord how anybody with even a hint of Rangers as their team could force that pencil to form an x on a piece of paper.
  14. So how long do you prod a bear before it starts fighting back? This is not a new or surprising attack, it's been going on for near a decade, the hag, dopey dornan, stewart, hartson, sutton, countess others.
  15. And its absolutely your right to disagree with anything I post.
  16. Was just trying put across how I just cannot and will never be offended by words m8
  17. Doesn't matter what he said or she said anymore and how long ago they said it, this is a prolonged and continuous attack on every one of us who support Rangers, anyone on here who still votes snp after this week is a fucking disgrace and should be hounded from the forum and the stadium imo
  18. Believe the record has also dredged through loads of stuff and is quite ready to report on "Rudi Skacel is a fucking refugee" as well.
  19. In my 45 years on this earth I've been called numerous insults, sectarian, racist and general abuse, never once given a flying fuck, far more concerned about some cunt jumping out a car and belting me with a machete or a baseball bat, what a bunch of wee fairies the human race has become, by fairies I mean wee jessie's, in case someone thinks I'm having a go at gay people and my door gets booted in at 6am
  20. Ffs, if they keep banning cunts at this rate away tickets will be a doddle soon.
  21. Quite enjoyable reading some of this shit show thread as my entire house isn't a shitebag and we are all double jabbed and looking forward to the next game.
  22. @Sparkle hovering around locking this and banning everycunt imo.
  23. I first saw this thread about 2 pages in, lost interest and fucked off again, now 10 pages of utter shite, it's like the covid 19 thread has just been transferred to the Bears Den.
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