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  1. Look m8 nobody on here who isn't a smelly vagrant wants to see us lose , I spent the first 20 minutes of this game sorting boys out with tickets for Tuesday and I'll probably still be running about on Tuesday morning trying to sort boys out with tickets because as far as im concerned we are a family, jesus fucking christ I've observed some utter fucking nonsense today.
  2. You and your damned facts and figures, how dare you, fuck off mr everything is rosy in the garden.
  3. I have no problem whatsoever with criticism of our team for lackluster displays like today, it was pish, midweek I read constant posts like, Europa league it is then etc, today it's shambolic and embarrassing etc. maybe I just wear blue tinted specs and can't accept criticism at all.
  4. Both of which are absolutely fine m8.
  5. Stand down you underreacting Rangers haters.
  6. Spare has gone to a boy on our bus m8, I stupidly used it as a an example because I was starting to get a bit beeling.
  7. I've bailed out m8, I can't do this all day/night, im mentally and physically in a good place
  8. Tav captained the team that delivered everything we so desperately wanted last season but is now a shitebag?
  9. Don't dare try and support anything to do with us after today, just shut up ffs.
  10. Quoting me just makes me not want to shut up tbh.
  11. Okay m8 I'll shut up just for you.
  12. I've also got a spare for Tuesday but no point in selling it as we are quite obviously out on our arse.
  13. With the result and performance but im more disappointed with the reaction of our the cry was no surrender but if we are a bit shite then im totally surrendering crowd, fucking have a word with yourselves boys, criticism is warranted like today when we just have not showed up but some of the comments on here like every year, fucking hell man.
  14. Match threads give me the fucking boak on here, no wonder Gerrard had to ask for our support on Tuesday.
  15. There are complaints because most of the human race are retarded and like myself resort to smashing stuff and going tonto until someone explains how easy it is to accomplish what you are attempting, then you just calm down and start offering amazing advice to similar retards who have yet to see the light
  16. Just realized this game was tonight, St Johnstone holding their own in a tie that a lot of big clubs would rather avoid, hope they get a decent result.
  17. It really is tbh and I'm usually going nuclear at such things, I waited 10 minutes, logged in, bought my ticket then went for a cargo.
  18. Go to Rangers online ticket sales, wait in whatever queue it says (it's never anywhere near what it tells you), then log in, go to basket and purchase the ticket.
  19. Fucking smokers corner better be open this time
  20. 10 minute wait, ticket purchased, can't wait for Tuesday.
  21. You will get a deadline to buy your seat either online or over the phone, calm doon.
  22. Leave me alone internet stalker keyboard gangster.
  23. Stop liking my posts @Dan Deacon, I'm not on your side here scumbag.
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