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  1. I'm playing clubs right now with my mates, will do after but.
  2. Mines is only 74 for some reason, I change his thing around it bounces up and down so fuck knows.
  3. He's a great goalie now, but diego lopez is a very under-rated keeper IMO.
  4. I'm up for it, Call me the charlie adam of the team
  5. I had my head in my hands and couldn't give a fuck about the twit !
  6. The prospect of the white cafu with a shite tattoo once again making that wing his own has me simply jizzing over my monitor :broadfoot:
  7. Tu Maderia Wasn't a free agent but was cheap as fuck and was some player !
  8. Ano I thought that was a certain goal, the nilmar one were I crossed it along the ground and cesar pulled off a great save then valero did the same and that cunt cesar saved it again.
  9. Can see me not lasting much longer in this league as the fifa disc is heading for a snaping
  10. I fucking hate fifa ! That 2nd goal is why I hate it so much tackled twice but still keeping the ball Same old shit with this game. Villareal 2-2 Inter
  11. At least it's the weekend so can drink myself into oblivion forgetting all about the outside world then hopefully wake up monday morning and it's done.
  12. I'll be there, BR2. Might try move down the front if I can again.
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