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    Well I think he’s been worse than Goldson and there have been much stronger terms used than “horrendous” to describe him this season.
  2. OhW


    Yeah didn’t read the whole exchange tbh, just picked out that part.
  3. OhW


    Balogun has been horrendous this season. Worse than Goldson imo.
  4. is this why you’re called dummiesoot
  5. He wouldn’t accept it on those terms.
  6. Fair enough but the guy I quoted was wondering what formation etc he would use at Villa. Not now mate.
  7. I knew that but I still think you were being a shit-stirring dick.
  8. Again weird. I didn’t say not reading papers was weird. I was talking about your replies to everyone in this thread.
  9. It was just a comment initially
  10. You can’t compare people to washing powder anymore
  11. The way they’re saying Shaughnessy is really annoying
  12. There’s a guy that wrote “van bronco Horst” in the Barisic thread
  13. He looks like a boxer
  14. If you watch the press conference it doesn’t sound as ominous
  15. One of those when you can’t blame McLaughlin but you wonder if McGregor would’ve pulled off a wondersave.
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