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  1. Hands down, Hodson takes this award
  2. Got a feeling we will sneak this 1 nil, Dorrans pen
  3. Looking for 1 adult and 1 child. I know tickets may be tight for this so any help appreciated..
  4. As mentioned above. Fox and hounds, very busy on match days though, so be early
  5. Would keep Wes just now..actually a decent shot stopper.
  6. Looking for 2 tickets for this..2 adults or a adult and a child, cheers
  7. I hold no hope but still looking
  8. Has anyone money been taken for Dunfermline? Thought it would be out by now
  9. I didn't see that bit mate, I get what your saying though. It is annoying the people who just come on for tickets
  10. It works both ways though, I gave someone a tarrier ticket on here last season...should I not have done that as I was a low poster?
  11. Suppose il bump 1 last time ha
  12. TBJB85

    Fifa xbo

    Anyone on here play seasons
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