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  1. We could go in to the break 8 points behind them if they beat us at the piggery. Granted we would have a game in hand. That’s worrying.
  2. Same route as me mate. Air lingus to the dam?
  3. Cheapest direct flight I could see from Edinburgh was over £300. £130 will do me.
  4. Just found this for Feyenoord. Couple of hours stop in Dublin each way.
  5. Cook retiring after the next test. So instead of one new opener England are now looking for two!
  6. Hopefully this isn’t the start of a lengthy injury for him.
  7. No doubt England got the best of the conditions for bowling. When Anderson is swinging it round corners like that no one can deal with him. England will probably squeeze one more ashes series out him next year and that will be him. Massive gap to fill.
  8. Scotty Cameron x7m for me. Love it
  9. Going through in the car for the first time in ages. Are the parking restrictions around Ibrox in place yet?
  10. Have you ever played the Dunes course next to the airport? Stunning course.
  11. Spey Valley usually do good deals. Seen a a few on facebook. Machrihanish is a good trip. We done it last year was a great weekend.
  12. Im not paying for it thankfully! Only up for the weekend, playing both courses at Dornoch.
  13. Playing Royal Dornoch on Saturday looks amazing, anyone played it?
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