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  1. Managed to get two. Cheers anyway mate
  2. As the title says. Looking for 2 for the game tomorrow night. Going to head down to the ground if I don't get them. Hopefully pick a couple up there. How much are they face value?
  3. Wonder if the game in a couple of weeks at Livi has anything to do with this? Hopefully they end up going down through the play offs.
  4. I would play Shiels and Clark. Rest Holt and Miller. Would be good for the likes of Shiels to get the 90 at Hampden considering he's been with us for the whole Journey
  5. Fucking nightmare. Left Livingston at quarter to 6. Not even passed Eurocentral.
  6. 100% agree. Gave the ball away too often and struggles against pace.
  7. No doubt about it, Rangers win. Want the title wrapped up before we play the scum.
  8. IMO take us to the top of Scottish football within the next three years and group stages of the Europa league. Would love us to get back to the group stages of the champions league and possibly beyond but if we make it there can see Warbs being tempted back down south.
  9. Lee Wallace for me. He's been different class this season. He has grown in to the captaincy. Full of energy and plays for he jersey, what more can you ask for?
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