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  1. F.D.B shouldn't even be mentioned, it'll never happen. Henning Berg is a good shout. But it will be McCleish or King Billy and of those two I'd take Billy every day of the week. Might be just the kick in the testes some of the players need.
  2. Fair play, I was another wan that slated him. Looks like a different player the last couple of weeks .
  3. JJ might be needing all that donation money shortly. RG might even have grounds for taking him up for harassment. Hopefully someone will haul Sean Seamus over the coals for once again spreading "fake news" and libeling named individuals.
  4. Surprisingly the arrest of this McCafferty bastard is big news here in Ulster and the media is not even trying to deflect away from Penn State FC. I'm actually shocked. I take it the Scottish media have their fingers in their ears, wishing all this would just go away?
  5. Aye and it would work well. We have the players to play 4-4-2, apart from the wingers.
  6. Any modern manager that absolutely point blank refuses to try another formation has no place at any big club. I wanted Warburton to be a great manager. I wanted him to live up to the hype. But....this childish obsession with 4-3-3 tikka takka football despite results/performances is simply idiotic. The man is infuriating and his reaction to this latest debacle is just as predictable and flat as his team tactics . Show a bit of passion, a bit of anger at those under performing, over paid, so-called players. Ffs Mark, have a wee bit of pride. You know what though, I think he's already conceded defeat. He looks like a man who's simply marking time. Better to put him, and us, out of his misery and give him his cards.
  7. The really sad thing is that if Warburton were to be sacked in the morning and a new manager brought in by Friday, the first thing that new manager would do would be to drop the 4-3-3 and we'd be a much, much better side, and the new boss would be lauded as a tactical genius. But if Warburton can't see that then he deserves to go.
  8. I think you might be right. We'll be lucky to finish fourth the way things are going .
  9. Said it before many times; if Slim Jim hadn't gotten his leg broken we would have won the European Cup in 65. Then if we'd went on to win the league in 66, Scottish football would be very, very different today.
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