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  1. Anyone needing a stream http://crackstreams.is/boxingstreams/watch-espn-ramirez-vs-taylor/
  2. Yeah that is better than having it in America as usual.
  3. I've watched Fury's mauling of Wilder about 12 times. It's comedy gold. Then the big man closed the show by singing to the crowd 😂 That's better than Ali in my book. Boxing needs these personalities. Read somewhere that Wilders wife is one of Dillian Whytes American left overs lol. Doubt he'll ever want to step back in the ring with Fury again sadly.
  4. Scandal that we can't even have it in the UK due to money.
  5. Not stalking you bud 😁 but how do they get away with it? Does it wash out their systems within a few weeks or something. Canelo's power has increased too much to be natural. He couldn't even hurt a washed up Cotto not so long ago. Same with Pacman going up so many divisions as others have said. I thought Saunders looked a bit too chunky a few weeks ago too. No doubt using too.
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