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  1. Didn’t take long for this donkey to get exposed
  2. Aberdeen right back looks good 🥴
  3. It’s the most congested area on the park in our games and don’t believe any of them move quick enough to play it.
  4. Gave him it majorly tight recently so won’t hide when he deserves accolades, was much much better tonight and long may it continue.
  5. Fired his goal on social media day after a defeat to 10 man malmo and we are supposed to believe he plays some sort of sacrificial role for good of the team 😂.
  6. Another tav bashing article out whilst this guy gets away with dreadful performance after dreadful performance, Thought He would learn off Defoe but not been the case and have no confidence Roy mckaay will get best out of him, always happy to be proved wrong though.
  7. Shackles, clamps and false roles for the team, none of them stop you from completing the basics.
  8. Never said it was, Morelos isn’t capable of the duties of this role though so it’s weird that we have fans saying he’s doing some sort of “role” for benefit of the team.
  9. The 2 centre backs were the 2 worst players on the park today, not sure how replacing a player who conceded 3 first half goals today in the spl playing for Rangers merits questioning.
  10. It’s “Alfie” but best false 9 who ever played the game, howling at the made up false positions he plays for the good of the team.
  11. NEw cOaChinG sTaFf sPeAk SPaNiSh!
  12. Is find out how long it’s going to take Phil helander to get back. 2 centre backs are a riddy.
  13. 😂 100% people are bizarre when it comes to football and supposedly knowing a bit about the game, he’s one of the worst finishers I’ve ever seen and struggles to hit a ball true.
  14. False 9 and folk thinking he’s playing some fantasy position for good of the team 😂 fuck off honestly!
  15. Folk who know football have been saying for long enough 😴
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