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  1. The only people they are starving is the shareholders. The outcome isn't going to change, it will just happen quicker with less money from supporters. The board signed a player and then 5 minutes later said that we need to raise £4m. They are wanting us to default on the loans, having 50,000 each home game isn't going to change that.
  2. Super fan alert! Who are you to slate others for deciding to take a stance against the board. Their actions may not help, but at least they are doing what they think is right to help the club and get rid of the leaches! Some think you have to blindly pay your money to be a true supported. Bollocks!
  3. Oh and I think you may need a credit card, rather than debit, it def used to be the case.
  4. You have the option when renewing your season ticket mate. ie you can select things like -all home cup games -cup semi and finals at neutral venues (need to select point one to be able to do this) -enter the ballot for away cup games -enter the ballot for away league games I'm sure that's the list but could be wrong
  5. I'm sure I read that we cannot lower the pitch anymore due to the water level, and if we did then it would have an adverse effect on it's condition. Can something back this up?
  6. Negri & Porrini - once you shag one of the other WAGs, there is no way back!
  7. Was always going to happen as Rangers were previously overvalued.
  8. What happening to the helicopter Sunday one? Have I missed it?
  9. Good luck with the charity, interested to know what the other Rangers items are.
  10. I think they bought over several JJB stores so it will be them that are being liquidated.
  11. I heard that when we played them away a lot of tims from the surrounding areas (Contron?) turned up to start on our fans and they ended up getting a sore one, heard it was bad with people getting glassed and everything.
  12. If Dundee Utd sellout the stadium in defiance, then great as we'll get half the money.
  13. Yeah me too, was concerned this would happen as the demand would be too high.
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