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  1. Can't remember what my overall is, think its in the 80s.
  2. We will definitely have 3 home games after the split, how do people still not get how the split works? We're due to play them at Ibrox so we'll have 3 at home and 2 away. They'll have 3 away and 2 at home.
  3. I'd be up for it, my wee dude can play anywhere across midfield or upfront.
  4. Sandy was winding Muff up so by the looks of things Muffs banned him, didn't really say much wrong from what I saw.
  5. Probly something to do with that thread in the OT that got pulled.
  6. Davis was our best player today.
  7. maxwellrfc


    I thought he played well today, but I wouldn't sign him permanently.
  8. You can't be offside if you're in your own half when the ball is played...
  9. Their first goal wasn't offside, just saw it again and Papac plays him on.
  10. To top it all off they were the only team to fuck up my coupon and done me out of £230
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