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  1. Any time we have played at speed they have flapped, up the tempo we win 2-1, Alfredo double.
  2. That's the point i was making, SG saying he hadn't heard of any bids because the board wouldn't want to bother him if it was insignificant,
  3. If Wilson says we rejected big bids for some of our players, I believes it to be true, Mr Gerrard said if the board got a bid they thought was acceptable he would here about it and they would have a decision to make, big bid doesn't mean they have met the asking price,
  4. Think it's must be season ticket holders who sit in the covid red zone
  5. They are one of the worst teams have seen in Europe ever, its embarrassing and worrying we haven't t put this tie to bed already
  6. I'm on 10 months nothing has changed for me, used them for the last 3 season's no had a problem
  7. Winner v united 2 v malmo Hat-rick against the scum Heard it here first
  8. Neither of our 2 got a ticket, shite, why are you not allocated your own seat if successful?
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