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  1. Like Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham couldn't speak a bit of English, then comes out with a full post mach interview,.
  2. This boy looks a player, think him being brought in when the winning mentally is high has got him going from the off, superb
  3. Don't know about anyone else's but Mr Gerrard looks like a man who is loving every minute of this success, the guys just oozes class,
  4. Getting this on my screen, absolute shambolic, no had a problem all season
  5. Lost for words, they are fantastic
  6. Just noticed this, superb, a great message to get keep the players motivated,
  7. Sociedad are the hard draw, flying in La Liga, Spanish teams are very technical would be a good game tbh,
  8. Underdogs playing well atm, over 2 legs we wolud get the job done.
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