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  1. celtic never even went, it was a seperate entity that flew to Dubai.
  2. The best line in that whole piece was "55 means more to Rangers than stopping 10 in a row". That to me is the main difference between us at that lot. I will cry like a wee lassie when we win 55 cis of the years of shit we have been through I certainly wont be thinking of the horrible club across the water. I love my club infinitely more than I hate them but its the other way round for them and thats why they cant take it, they are not loseing their shit cos they have lost 10 but cos we are going to win 55, sad fuckin existence if you ask me.
  3. Filip Sebo, I know he was less than average but I just wanted him to do well even when aww my mates said he was piss I still hoped he would come good.
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