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  1. That's a shocking VAR decision. Gerrard's face though
  2. McPake's a fanny anaw. He knew this would happen so fuck knows what he's piping up for.
  3. Not saying its going to happen, but I dont think it's as unrealistic as being made out. Why shouldn't we ask the question if the lad's wanting first team football and out of contract in the summer?
  4. If it was us I want a penalty, couldn't see it, but Porteous pulls away and it shouldn't be a penalty unless it was for us, then its a penalty...
  5. Boyd: "when you look at Porteous there he doesn't look happy"
  6. That flick away from goal was top class.
  7. One of our most important players this season in the league 👏
  8. More goal kicks for McGregor to rip the arse out of it with his time wasting the better.
  9. Not one player walking into half time with pass marks so far.
  10. That's them top of the ball circulation league
  11. Is it decided over last season or the calendar year?
  12. 8 minutes? Weren't we fined for being a few seconds late against Benfica? 🙄
  13. Goianegra


    For years we were crying out for someone in the media to stick it to them while we were laughed at from every Chris, John and Neil. He's came out all guns blazing and never stopped
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