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  1. Now there's a name I've not seen in a while. Wonder why...
  2. Jack desperate to force his way back into the 11. Good to see.
  3. Agree they've both been pish, but it's like Souness said, you'd much rather that Origi chance fell to one of them. Think this was the worst possible game to change it up. Liverpool's season went tits up the second Jota got injured.
  4. Burnley are great defensively. Ridiculous leaving Salah and Firmino on the bench against them. Deserve to lose this.
  5. Every time you think it can't possibly get any better. The gift that keeps on giving.
  6. I've barely stopped for about 3 months now.
  7. Could have been mate, actually. Either way, it was funny as fuck
  8. He only has 18 months left on his contract as well, will be 12 in the summer when he's sold and having paid 9 for him I reckon they'll do well to break even on him. The 25mil figure is just a well timed smokescreen from their pals in the media to mask what has been a disastrous few days/weeks for them. I'd be surprised if Zidane has even heard of him, just like the Chelsea manager hadn't after he was linked with a 40mil move there, let alone singled him out as a long term replacement for Benzema
  9. The Spanish giants believe they could get Edouard for around €25m, allowing them to strengthen the attack while saving money for other areas of the team." 25mil Coincidentally, that's roughly what they'll lose from not getting Champions League...
  10. I'd honestly be amazed if that squad gets 6 points from Livi. Astonished.
  11. Tonight almost feels like that's it. They'll morally be fucked. I'm starting to believe it...
  12. Demoralising last minute equaliser to cap off a nightmare day for them. Double header with Livi next with that squad. They must be close to throwing in the towel. Delightful.
  13. Hopefully they hold on and we'll be 6 points clear!
  14. Hibs getting what they deserve.
  15. Elephant Man is having a fucking nightmare. Someone take that straw out his mouth and his microphone away from him before he embarrases himself anymore.
  16. Why they refusing to be tested again? What are they hiding? Just looks like they're refusing the potential safety of their opposition.
  17. Think they're being really unfair regarding Jullien. My pal broke his ankle before our lads holiday few years back and he still came and had a class time. Flights were already paid for, why not go for a big piss up with the lads? That's all this was, afterall.
  18. We were the only league in Europe to declare champions via a Zoom call last season. Put nothing past these cunts.
  19. Remember John Kennedy told us it was just minor slip ups and we should move on?
  20. As good as McGregor is, he's never been great with his feet.
  21. So much for their brave, attacking 3-4-3 pressing game. They're sitting with 8 in defence
  22. Alfie and Kent finding a bit of form at the same time will be huge if they keep it up.
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